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United Problem Solvers™: UPS Store Print Services give restaurateur a recipe for success
  • 27 January 2016
  • Bonnie Stack

United Problem Solvers™: UPS Store Print Services give restaurateur a recipe for success

At The UPS Store, United Problem Solvers isn’t just a slogan – it’s the way we work. Every day, we encounter new business challenges posed by small business owners and entrepreneurs who partner with us to identify solutions.

As we kick off 2016, we’re excited to share an example of how we helped restaurateur, Ray Valdez.

Valdez has always been an entrepreneur. After successfully running his own construction business for years, he sought a career change that was less physically demanding. As a resident of Fallbrook, Calif., he frequently visited his favorite local pizza joint. It wasn’t until this pizza restaurant closed that Valdez sparked the next chapter of his career – owning a pizzeria. Valdez decided to purchase the restaurant, and with the help of his family and with his own construction skills, they revamped the inside and opened Scoreboard Pizzeria in March 2014.

“It’s a family business,” shared Valdez. “My wife is Italian so a lot of the recipes we feature on our menu come from her. My wife, my son and I work well together and it’s been a great, new adventure.”

After the reconstruction, updating the menu and choosing a new name, Valdez wanted to build his customer base. He set out with the goal to reintroduce Scoreboard Pizzeria to Fallbrook and the surrounding communities.

Printing new dine-in and carry out menus became the first priority. And Scoreboard Pizzeria just so happens to be located next door to their local The UPS Store.

Valdez met Brian Church, The UPS Store franchisee who has owned the Fallbrook store since 1998. Church was excited to help his new small business neighbor.

“We’re here to help other small, local businesses find the ingredients for success, “ Church said. “To do so, we get to know each business on a personal level to uncover the services that will help their business grow. For Scoreboard Pizzeria, we knew that our print services could give his business a competitive advantage and help him get feet in the door.”

Church and his UPS Store team designed the first Scoreboard Pizzeria in-restaurant and take out menus, along with flyers to spread the word about the new pizza restaurant opening in the community. The UPS Store continues to serve Church’s print needs, printing new menus every few months as items, specials and coupons change. Valdez appreciates and admires the quality of the work and the convenience.

“They print our menus out by the hundreds and they can do them on the spur of the moment,” noted Valdez. “They are always there and very responsive to our needs. We know our printing projects will be professional and delivered quickly and on time.”

Valdez continues to expand his work with Church on new marketing materials for Scoreboard Pizzeria. Church prints table tents and table signs for the restaurant highlighting specials and popular menu items. They also designed and now print their business cards.

“We are both small business owners and because of this, Church can provide insight and advice from project to project,” said Valdez. “He knows our style, knows what we’ve done in the past, how we want to grow and change things and what tactics can work best for our business.”

Church takes pride in helping the Valdez family promote their restaurant to the right people — turning existing customers into repeat customers and bringing in new customers.

“A professional image is so important for any business to be successful and that’s what we want to portray for Scoreboard Pizzeria,” noted Church. “It’s satisfying to see a small business do well in our community and have our print products contribute to that success.”

This year, Valdez would like to break into the catering side of the restaurant business. Already very connected with local schools, sports teams and charity events in the community, catering is his goal for growth in 2016.

“Expanding our business is going to take some new thinking and new materials and we are thankful to have Church and his team as a partner to rely on,” said Valdez. “They have helped elevate our brand and professional image and we are excited for the next step, knowing we have their support and resources.”

Are you a small business owner looking for printing, marketing advice, shipping or other services to help establish or grow your business? Find your local The UPS Store and let us problem-solve for you today.

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