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Tasks Every Solopreneur Should Outsource
  • 13 October 2016
  • Elvis Michael

Tasks Every Solopreneur Should Outsource

Solopreneurs must always be ready to handle everything directly related to their business. However, not every task is necessarily within their realm of expertise and may require external assistance. Deciding to outsource certain tasks not only helps avoid potential mistakes, it enables solopreneurs to focus on the tasks they can handle proficiently.

General Research

A research assistant can successfully conduct market research and help you keep tabs on the latest industry developments. This lets you stay ahead of competitors by quickly adapting to new changes within your target market. Likewise, this could be used in a presentation for existing clients, whether it be emerging trends or statistics crucial to their success. The task may also involve looking into new companies and prospects and gathering all necessary contact information and other crucial details for later use.

Social Media Management

Maintaining a social media presence may seem easy and fun at first glance. It gives you the opportunity to post a thoughtful update every few hours. The problem arises when ongoing maintenance becomes a burden, especially as your social reach extends across multiple websites and users begin to use these platforms to pose questions and concerns. In addition, you must consider your target audience and the best times to post new updates for maximum results. Depending on the nature of your work, it's often best to leave these time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant such as a social media publishing platform while you handle more crucial responsibilities throughout the day.

Advertising and Promotion

Unless you're actively pursuing leads on foot, chances are you rely on online promotion to obtain new leads. Whether you pitch a hard sale or rely on subtle lead-generation tactics such as content marketing, your approach often needs continuous tweaking and ongoing optimization. You could outsource this meticulous process to an expert with proven advertising experience to help your business cater to the demographic group that would be most interested in your services. Once successful, your conversion rates can help pay for the outsourced task while simultaneously improving brand awareness.

Content Creation and Management

It's safe to say most small businesses—even those run by solopreneurs—require some level of content creation. Whether you maintain a company blog or newsletter, content creation is synonymous with ongoing business management. Even if you're a writer by trade, you may not have the time to handle the task when other things require your attention. Outsourcing content automatically takes care of the editing process, too, which can be quite time-consuming.

Administrative Tasks

This type of work generally requires little effort, but the sheer number of duties can quickly add up and decrease overall productivity. If you are too busy to answer incoming emails and follow up with clients, this may be the ideal task to outsource to an experienced administrative assistant. Other necessities may include calendar management, appointment scheduling, product shipping, data entry, and document archiving. Everything can be beautifully and efficiently handled while you tend to the core of your business without feeling dragged down by these small but repetitive clerical chores.

All Crucial Weaknesses

Perhaps most importantly, consider outsourcing essential business aspects that are notoriously difficult to manage. Many solopreneurs try to do it all on their own in an effort to save money, but end up wasting valuable time and even losing business as a result. Others settle for lesser quality tools in place of their premium counterparts, even if it under-delivers in exchange for the lower price point.

Every part of your solo business, big and small, serves as the foundation for continued success—be sure to work primarily on your strengths as opposed to needlessly focusing on your weaknesses. The UPS Store offers small business solutions to help solopreneurs find the right outsourcing services at a discount.

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