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6 Business Promotions You Have Not Thought Of Yet
  • 21 June 2016
  • Elvis Michael

6 Business Promotions You Have Not Thought Of Yet

There is a lot of competition out there for most businesses, especially if you provide similar products and services that other companies offer. In many cases, small businesses do not have the funding necessary for ongoing, extravagant business promotions or marketing campaigns. To remain competitive while keeping your budget in check, here are six unique ways to put your small business in front of a larger audience:

1. Create monthly giveaways

Customers love freebies over promotions, but merging them seamlessly could help you increase loyalty and gain new fans. Announce monthly giveaways on your website, over e-mail, and via all available social media channels, and make sure that entry requirements are easy and painless.

For example, the rules may consist of your social media followers having to share the giveaway announcement throughout their social networks. In addition, send out periodic e-mails to existing customers to remind them about your monthly giveaway. For this purpose, Act! Essentials allows you to create and track e-mail campaigns so you can effectively measure your reach.

2. Launch a customer loyalty program

Loyalty programs are an effective way for small businesses to recognize customers and increase awareness. When Starbucks introduced their popular rewards program, for example, the company experienced an increase in participation, and now have more than 12 million members in the program. Make sure to digitally track recurring purchases and reward those who cross a certain milestone. This may include product discounts or access to a service your small business provides.

3. Reach out to niche websites

Many avid bloggers routinely post about current promotions that could be of interest to their audience, and this is a great way to spread the word. For instance, if your small business provides graphic design services, contact publishers who have written related articles and kindly ask them for a mention. Perhaps you can return the favor by providing them with a free or discounted service they might find useful or offering a limited number of giveaway items for the bloggers to give to their readers

4. Implement an affiliate program

A referral (or affiliate) program allows customers to bring in new people in exchange for a reward. If your company runs a paid subscription service, divide all earnings with customers who successfully help grow your business or provide other valuable perks. The more benefits available, the greater effort your customers will make. Much like other company perks, advertise your affiliate program in strategic venues, such as via your website, social media, and through e-mail newsletters.

5. Become a sponsor

Sponsorships are meant to provide all parties with mutual benefits, and there are usually plenty of local organizations and events for you to get involved with. If your small business sells sporting goods, for instance, sponsor a local game or fitness event in exchange for promotions and endorsements. Even if the event is relatively small, it will consist of an audience who is typically familiar with the type of products and services you provide. Measure your success rate and reinvest some of your profits into additional organizations for greater visibility and success.

6. Send out greeting cards

Acknowledgment goes a long way, and many customers make the effort to talk about your small business when they feel valued. Set a yearly budget for personalized greeting cards to all customers, vendors, or partners your business works closely with. This tactic is selfless, noninvasive, and cost-effective for virtually any type of budget.

You could also distribute electronic holiday or birthday wishes to those who are subscribed to your company's newsletter. Although this approach is slightly more automated, it is still a valuable way to establish a connection with your existing subscribers.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to come up with effective advertising and promotions. Start with these six ideas, and you will be able to retain more customer relationships, reach new audiences, and simultaneously maintain a healthy budget.

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