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Helpful Ways To Spread Cheer This Holiday
  • 08 December 2019
  • Jelani Markus

Helpful Ways To Spread Cheer This Holiday

The holiday season is here. And with it comes additional foot traffic (and online traffic) to your small business, with many expecting a more festive shopping experience. A giant bow on a floor display and “The Little Drummer Boy” playing on repeat may not be enough. If you are looking for more, continue reading for some helpful ideas to spread holiday cheer to customers and employees alike.

Helpful Ways To Spread Cheer This Holiday

Give them a chance to give

The spirit of giving is certainly in the air come holiday time. A great way to help spread cheer this season is to give people an opportunity to give while they shop.

  • A box for donations can be a great way to encourage giving to your chosen charity. Display a transparent box that easily showcases how much has been given that day.

  • Set a goal and display it prominently. Let your customers feel as though they are all in this together and you may inspire repeat visits.

Add more than just décor

A few extra icicles are not likely to cut it when it comes to your small business holiday-inspired revamp. Your look should do more than just invoke the spirit of the holidays; it also should hopefully create an environment that leads to more sales.

  • Personalize the experience by narrowing your focus to connections with previous customers you established earlier in the year. Scour your mailing lists, and send out emails and holiday cards with messages that deliver positive feelings without pushing too hard for them to visit and spend money soon. When you build that feeling of sincerity, you build trust, which can lead to more sales down the line.

  • It is all about engagement when it comes to creating holiday social content. Look for opportunities to post about gift guides, holiday party tips and other trending topics you can bring to life in a way that only your brand can.

  • Maximize your online holiday marketing. If you want your ads to stand out during this time of year, it is important to do everything you can to optimize visibility. It’s been said again and again: Everything works better when you have a plan.

Dress the part

Helpful Ways To Spread Cheer This Holiday

A little holiday goodness added to your work outfit can go a long way. Even if uniforms are not a part of your day-to-day customer presentation, you and your team can still add a bit of flair in the spirit of the holidays.

  • Top things off with a festive hat. Whether you are adding it to a uniform or simply accessorizing your street clothes, you are sure to garner extra attention.

  • Button up. A pinback button with a holiday message is a nice way to get into the season while opening an opportunity to message about additional sales or specials.

  • Find a winter color for your crew. If you do wear uniforms, now is the time to change things up a bit. Blues, whites, reds and greens are all winners when it comes to this time of year, even if it is just an apron update.

Present yourself

Even with everything already discussed, there is still always room to decorate your store location (URL or IRL) to add some holiday charm.

  • Functional decorations are a wonderful way to stay festive while creating an environment that moves consumers through the parts of your store you want them to see. Look for ways to create or update in-store directional signage with eye-popping imagery that directs your crowd where you want them.

  • Look for ways to stay neutral. Every customer may not celebrate the exact same holiday, but many are happy to share in the joyous spirit of the season. Keep that in mind by looking for snowier décor vs. denominational.

The right adjustments this holiday season could lead to a flourish of new and renewed customer interest. All it takes is the willingness to unwrap your kinds of opportunities.

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