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The UPS Store Small Business Blog
  • 27 April 2020
  • Taylor Miller

How to Maximize Digital Tools to Keep Your Business Adapting

In this current COVID-19 era, which we are all living in and experiencing, small businesses need resources to keep prospering. Luckily, we live in a digital age that allows us to tap into endless resources to keep our businesses alive and functioning.

As a small business owner, it can be incredibly overwhelming to research and decide which digital tools you should be using in your business. At The UPS Store, we put together a list of digital tools for you to review, and hopefully, you can integrate some of them into your small business.

Woman filling out form and preparing packages

  1. Cloud Storage — From working at your small business to working from home, you need a place to properly store your documents, files and photos. This is when cloud storage becomes a necessity. Cloud storage allows you to save and open any of your important items from any device. You can easily share your files among your co-workers for stress-free collaboration.

  2. E-commerce — In these trying times you may be questioning how to bring in money if you rely on foot traffic for your small business. Thankfully, there are numerous platforms out there that allow you to build a website with point-of-sale features. With an e-commerce store, not only can you sell your products again, but you can also modernize your small business. It’s important to continue moving toward more digitally transformative solutions.

  3. Project Management — Keeping projects and timelines up to date can be daunting during these times, and that is why having a project management tool in place can keep you and your small business organized. This is especially helpful when you have multiple projects and several employees working on different tasks. Though you may not be able to discuss projects face-to-face anymore, you now have a way to keep your priorities better organized in a more collaborative environment.

  4. Sign on the Dotted Line — Now that you have cloud storage, you will also need a tool to allow you to virtually sign documents. This can save you time and money and will automate entire workflows so you can conduct business securely wherever you are.

    We occasionally can fall into a rut, but during this time, we are also finding ways to improve our everyday business practices. Though change can seem overwhelming for many small business owners, it is also a chance to discover new resources that could continue to help you even when the pandemic is over. Technology is an ever-evolving machine, and it’s best to always stay up to speed through all of its iterations.

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