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  • 12 August 2014
  • Eric Michaels

Creating social media content that keeps followers engaged

To say social content has become a part of doing business is an understatement. These days, every brand who seeks relevance has a Facebook account and corresponding Twitter feed to deliver continuous content to customers. Unfortunately, social media users "unlike" or stop following the majority of pages they originally engage. How do you avoid this fate? By posting social media content that continuously keeps followers interested.

Only post when you create value

With all the social media clutter, businesses face a tremendous challenge in holding followers' attention. The best way to make sure they are listening is to maintain high content standards. Even if you run a standard schedule for posting on social media accounts — generally a good idea — do not rush content out for consumption. Customers are being bombarded with social materials. Make sure your posts create value for them while retaining relevance for your business.

The best way to make sure they are listening is to maintain high content standards.

Defining value for your followers is one of the big challenges of social media marketing. It may be something as simple as making them smile, which always has high value, or something immediately useful, such as giving them tax tips when the annual deadline is coming. Take the time to study analytics so you know what your Facebook fans like, then tailor every post to that audience.

Visualize success

The quickest way to lose followers' interest is to bore them with words. Since they often discover social content on mobile devices during breaks at work or on commutes home from the office, pictures and images are the best tools to gain their attention. Visual content on Facebook draws in 84 percent more click-throughs and 104 percent more comments than mere words, according to KISSmetrics. Furthermore, posts with the fewest number of words receive far more engagement than long-winded posts.

If you are having trouble in the art department, tools to create great visuals for social sites are available, as is help from social media marketers.

Make followers the center of social media content

Another common mistake business owners make on social media is forgetting that followers should be the center of attention. Running contests involving user photos accompanied by hashtags is a surefire way to engage customers and get them posting on your social pages. Asking followers an interesting question also encourages responses and generates buzz around your business accounts.

KISSmetrics noted that questions receive 100 percent more engagement than non-question posts on Facebook. People love to express their individuality and be heard online, so ask questions relevant to your business. For example, a florist might ask which flowers followers prefer in the summer, while an event planner might create a poll about users' favorite songs for outdoor fun. Tailor your questions to a particular season and try to respond to every comment so your followers see that you appreciate their passion.

Be unique at all costs

Fans and followers allow your social media content to reach them because you originally created standout value. They will continue the relationship if you honor that promise by continuing to offer unique content. Whatever you can do to separate yourself from the pack online, do so at all costs.

To get started, recall the strategy you used to attract followers and fans in the first place. If it was an offer for a product, consider launching a follow-up promotion. If funny posts or attractive visuals caught your audience's eye, continue to push the envelope and remind them you are the only one who can provide this content. Whatever you do, avoid posting content that makes you easy to dismiss; social accounts are so cluttered your followers won't think twice.

You do not have to be a master of social media to successfully keep followers engaged. Use deals on Constant Contact services from the UPS Store to build a social audience worth keeping.

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