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  • 19 October 2015
  • Bonnie Stack

3D Print Industry Week: 3D Print Supports Gamers in a Unique Way

The UPS Store is committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs turn their creative ideas into business reality. By offering 3D printing in-store, consumers are able to create high-quality, professional prototypes, artistic renderings and promotional materials, without the cost or technical know-how associated with owning and maintaining their own 3D printer. From October 19-23, The UPS Store is hosting 3D Print Industry Week to showcase how 3D print can be a game-changer for small business owners, specifically in the maker/inventor, art/design, and science industries. In the maker/inventor industry, one man in Springfield, Mo. found a way to combine his passion for helping others with 3D printing.

Caleb Kraft spends his days as a community editor at Make magazine, but in his spare time he uses 3D printing to allow those with disabilities to enjoy video games in ways they never could previously. Kraft creates modular, customizable 3D printed bits that can be fitted to almost any video game controller. These bits are designed to make the controllers simpler for disabled individuals to use.

It makes places like The UPS Store ideal because people don’t need to own their own machine.

Kraft’s 3D print journey began when he 3D printed a modified WiiMote that allowed those with disabilities to access the trigger button with ease. Subsequently, he started receiving requests to modify other controllers and began developing new parts and add-ons for all types of gaming systems. From his research and experience, he quickly discovered that 3D printing was the easiest way to create these parts.

“Each modified controller piece is different and 3D printers are excellent for making unique items,” Kraft noted.

While Kraft has always been interested in 3D printing, he is not a gamer. He does, however, enjoy keeping up with the industry, which is how he discovered the need for his product and how he turned his curiosity into action by creating a practical, useful product.

“A good percentage of people only need a few things 3D printed,” Kraft explained. “They don’t need the whole printer. It makes places like The UPS Store ideal because people don’t need to own their own machine. They just need a place to print their design and an expert available to help the process.”

Kraft continues to produce 3D printed gaming bits for individuals with disabilities, donating his time and money for materials to create the pieces. He also releases all of his designs to the public free of charge so that he can help as many people as possible.

“I saw a need and realized I could fulfill it,” Kraft explained. “3D printing allowed me to help those in need with a creative solution.”

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