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Six Print Solutions To Tell Your Brand Story
  • 24 March 2016
  • Eric Michaels

Six Print Solutions To Tell Your Brand Story

There is a great story behind every successful brand, beginning with the earliest days of the company and continuing through the latest plans you have made. Unfortunately, only some companies communicate their message every step of the way. If you do not spread the word, you will miss the opportunity to attract new customers and investors. Here are six print solutions to help tell your brand story:

1. Banners

Every store should have a grand opening. To make sure the neighborhood knows your business is ready to launch, hang a banner over the front windows and provide the details in high-definition color. This print tool can announce your opening, give details about products, promote specials, and create brand awareness in the same space. With many customers looking down at smartphones when walking around the neighborhood, it may take a large format to attract the attention you want. A well designed banner should convey this effect.

2. Postcards

The Internet may be a popular place to post ads, but online clutter makes it increasingly difficult for brands to reach a targeted audience. To instill a stronger impression, consider how direct mail solutions can help tell your story. Postcards can help make a company's point heard in a compact format. Your business can announce a new product, the opening of another location, a holiday sale, or another important notice with this method. Staying top of the consumer's mind is a vital factor of brand marketing, and a postcard in the mailbox can achieve this goal.

3. Brochures

Of the many print solutions you can find in stores, brochures give business owners the chance to make a long-form pitch to customers. Having a sales associate detail product capabilities can be intimidating for people who enter your store for the first time. Brochures provide you with an opportunity to show them what your brand offers in full color and detail without applying any of the sales pressure. When you depend on walk-in business for any portion of company sales, consider taking a step back and letting print materials do the talking for you.

4. Catalogs

Online retail operations typically pitch their brand to consumers through a website, but nailing a great site design is a challenge on a small budget. Print catalogs allow you to present your brand's best offerings in a familiar format, especially if your target market is an older demographic. Established businesses can use customer addresses already on file. If you are just starting out with your company, you may want to try a direct mail campaign introducing your line to new consumers. In this case, a catalog is an advance calling card.

5. 3D print solutions

With the arrival of 3D printing, businesses no longer have to hire companies to manufacture prototypes of new products. This function can stay in house through The UPS Store, where you can use an available 3D printer under the guidance of a trained operator. Designers, architects, builders, inventors, and artists will find use for these printers when you want an idea to come to life. You can bring in your own 3D computer-aided design (CAD) file or work through the design in store before walking out with a customized model.

6. Business cards

Though digital devices may have changed the way people work, no one has come up with a replacement for business cards. They take up very little space in a wallet, and communicate pertinent contact information along with deeper impressions about your brand. Whether you are walking into a networking event or going about your daily routine, the right card is a must. The standards for business cards have risen throughout the years, so make sure you invest in a sturdy format and create a design that speaks to your brand.

Print solutions help business owners tell their brand story in a familiar medium. For a more complete marketing strategy, start by putting your ideas on paper and visit The UPS Store’s online print site to save 30 percent off all online print products.


I am looking for a custom folder or something with pockets for a very important meeting early next week. Do you offer this service?

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