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United Problem Solvers: Finding The Perfect Fit
  • 30 March 2016
  • Tracy Spahr

United Problem Solvers: Finding The Perfect Fit

Pamela Dirkes can easily be found near the sand on any given sunny day in San Diego. Pamela, an avid beach-goer believes a key part of the beach experience is finding the perfect swimsuit. As a shopper constantly looking for new and unique swimwear, Pamela felt something was missing and saw a business opportunity.

Pamela who shopped both online and in retail stores, recognized a need for great swimwear that fit well, is fun to wear, and was more unique than department store lines. She also knew providing a great customer experience was key. Her idea was to create an online shopping destination for high end swimwear featuring the products of designers from across the world and make them accessible to US shoppers.

Step one was research. Pamela attended swim line conventions, traveled across the world and met with manufacturers to learn more about retail and product design. In January of 2016 she launched BlackBook Bikini, an online site that sells quality swimwear and apparel.

When it comes to marketing, Pamela has taken a unique approach to help her company grow. Early on Pamela identified millennials as a target demographic for her product. When hiring her marketing team she tapped into this same age bracket. By working with this younger generation Pamela was able to define her product line and receive direct feedback from her target audience. Pam has hired millennials to help run the business’s social media, online presence, promotions, photography and much more.

Charlie Clarke was one of the first employees brought on to help start the company. Charlie, age 16, is the creative director, responsible for the brand website and photography. “I am so excited to work for this company, I get out of school and lacrosse practice and I know it’s been a long day already but I look forward to getting to work and working on BlackBook Bikini,” said Charlie.

Inspired by millennials, part of the company culture is to feature real stories from customers, fans and employees. On the website you can see Q & A with Instagram winners, local businesses and the teenage employees at BlackBook Bikini.

As many small business owners know, starting a business is not an easy task. Pamela is still gaining experience negotiating with vendors for quality products and learning the ins and outs of building a business. However her vision and focus remain strong. Pamela looks forward to growing the company online and ultimately hopes to open a retail location which could be fully run by millennials. Pamela is off to a great start and we look forward to watching her business grow.

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