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Top Hacks For Every Social Media User
  • 19 May 2016
  • Brittany Bly

Top Hacks For Every Social Media User

Social media is one of the most important components of marketing your business. In most cases, it’s free. It’s also fun for your customers and you are targeting them where they are already spending time online - like Instagram and Facebook.

For small businesses, social media is also an important way to show your customers behind the scenes and allow them to see what your business is truly about. It’s one of the fastest and most direct ways to share sales and in-store promotions, new items, or invite people to in-store events.

My name is Brittany Bly and I host a festival called Pop Shop America. It’s like Etsy come to life with modern and stylish products, home goods, and art. Reaching potential attendees is one of the most important things we do and so I spend a lot of time on social media.

When The UPS Store told me that small businesses report that their biggest challenge is marketing their business, I knew I could help. Because for a small business, it’s hard to set aside the time or budget to create an effective marketing campaign.

We can’t compete with big businesses or big box stores but what you may not realize is that no one expects you to! The reason that people love small businesses is they get to know the stories behind them and they capture a completely different style and voice than a standard big box business.

Here are my top tips for all of the most popular social media tools.

First Things First:

Look at your Google Webmaster Tools every day. When you login, click search traffic and the search analytics. This is going to tell you what search terms people are using to find your website. These search terms are called keywords and I’ll refer to them again later. This is the best way to decide what direction to go when building new content. It’s going to give you ideas for hashtags that you use on social media. And it can give you ideas about what to post on social media if you know what your customers are searching for.


Don’t let yourself get bogged down by the process of posting on social media. Automate! Buffer is my favorite tool for automating social media. You can pre-write tweets, Facebook posts, Linkedin posts, and more. It’s perfect for when you are busy or out of town and keeps your social media on point.

What social media can do for you is help your clients trust your business. Have you ever looked at a website, thought about buying something, and then realized their twitter account hadn’t been updated in nine months?

Automating shows your customers that you are available, open, and ready for their business.


The best thing you can do is focus on posting videos and photo albums. Videos and photos are the highest performing posts on Facebook. If you want your business to be shown to more people, focus on these two types of posts. Uploading videos to Facebook is great because they will automatically play in your customers’ news feed.

With photo albums, the more information you provide the better. Albums can include links back to your website for example.


My best Twitter tip is to automate! The average tweet only lasts for an hour or two. Twitter is a fast paced, fast moving platform. With Twitter, there’s no such thing as overdoing it. I use a plugin called Content Resharer that automatically creates tweets from my shop items and blog posts.

Every single tweet contains hashtags to increase their reach. Try to keep your hashtags relevant but general and broad. Niche hashtags are more effective on Instagram then they are on Twitter.


Instagram is a great place to try out hashtags but the most important Instagram tip involves editing your profile. When you click to edit your profile, you will see your username, email address, and more. Instagram will automatically fill in an area called description with your username. So, your username is actually repeated twice. Be sure to edit this description to contain your best keywords instead of your username. Keywords are the words people use to find your website, or in this case, your Instagram profile. It will help others find you easier and broaden your audience.


Pinterest is amazing for creative businesses because while a tweet lasts perhaps an hour and a Facebook post can last a few hours, a Pinterest pin can last forever. It can gain momentum through reshares and reach more people over time. There’s a little trick that most people don’t know about that can help you with pinterest.

Visit the website

This will show you what other people are pinning to Pinterest from your website. After source/, simply fill in your website url and you will see all your pins. You can use this information to follow your most engaged readers. You can also use this information to understand your most popular content and build similar content around it.


Although there are so many more social media tools like stumbleupon, periscope and Linkedin, the last social media site that I am going to discuss is Google+. Google+ is an often overlooked social media tool that people constantly claim is on the way out.

Google+ is not out yet and I can’t imagine Google giving up on this platform. I think it’s more likely to be revamped. Google+ is the only social media platform that directly feeds into your Google My Business or Google Local Page. It’s the only social media tool that’s going to help your Google page rankings. So use it!

Google+ is great for hashtags which I recommend using with every post. Google+ also gives you the opportunity to target certain groups like your followers or customers. You can even send an email to every customer while you post! Now that’s a lot of power. Of course this should be used wisely and certainly not overused. But it’s perfect for times that you are having a blowout sale or need to directly reach your customers with an urgent matter.

On any of these social media platforms, asking your readers to share the post is remarkably effective. You can also engage with your readers by asking a question and starting a discussion. I hope these Social Media Hacks inspire you to do more with the free marketing tools that are at your fingertips. If you would like to learn more or discuss these topics in person, join us at The UPS Store Small Biz Salute Networking Events.


This is my first time reading your Blogs the tips read excellent. I'll comment further once I try some of them out. Thank You

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