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5 Ways The UPS Store Helps Solopreneurs Do Business
  • 07 June 2016
  • Eric Michaels

5 Ways The UPS Store Helps Solopreneurs Do Business

Launching a company on your own may be a daunting challenge, but most solopreneurs would not have it any other way. The independence—both financial and personal—waiting on the other side of success is simply too attractive to ignore. However, getting there is rarely a quick and bump-free ride, and common mistakes are well documented.

Fortunately, you do not have to embark on this new adventure alone, even if you are the sole proprietor. Here are five ways The UPS Store can help you succeed:

1. Print services

Whoever said "print is dead" did not foresee the current slate of printing options available. While Internet clutter multiplies exponentially by the day, small business owners who use the printed word effectively are finding an opportunity with new and past clients. Well-designed catalogs, fliers, business cards and brochures stand out in a world of websites and advertising on social media feeds. Of course, it takes more than a slick piece of paper to land a customer or make a repeat sale, but the idea behind print is that it is still a very effective business tool.

In terms of 3D printing, The UPS Store has the technology of the future available to small business owners at 62 locations nationwide. Companies who need to produce a prototype can bring a CAD file to a 3D print location and have a print expert guide you through the process. Before you buy a 3D printer, test out the process and determine whether it is worth the investment and the maintenance required. And if you just need to use a 3D printer periodically, you now have a convenient way to access this cutting-edge technology at your local UPS Store.

2. Marketing

If the Internet is your primary place of business, then online marketing efforts are the key to separating your company from the pack. A strong website, great ads on social media, and engaging e-mail campaigns are crucial to finding your audience. Whether you need to make your site mobile friendly or need a total redesign, you can find graphic design and tech help through small business solutions from The UPS Store. Solopreneurs can take advantage of these marketing resources and get a discount on email marketing, social media campaigns and web design by visiting The UPS Store marketing solutions.

3. Packing and shipping

Your local The UPS Store is an incredibly useful hub for packing and shipping goods domestically and overseas. Whether you deal with fine art, sports equipment, delicate antiques, or electronics, there are shipping and fulfillment solutions available. Small business owners have to decide at some point whether they want to handle this busy work or outsource it to the experts. If you would rather leave the scaling headache to a company that is equipped to handle the job, head to your local The UPS Store.

4. Business mailboxes

Office space is often limited—if not nonexistent—for entrepreneurs. This makes it difficult to store packages as they come and go. Likewise, business owners who are constantly on the go may have trouble receiving shipments. Having business mail sent to your home address or leaving packages unattended on your doorstep is not ideal. Luckily, business mailboxes eliminate these issues along with giving your business a real street address. Similar to a concierge service, when you are unavailable to take a package, the store takes it and notifies you electronically. This solution also gives you 24/7 access to your mail.

5. Accounting and financing

Solopreneurs often have a single focus on the idea behind a company, and that is how businesses are founded. However, there are serious consequences to neglecting bookkeeping in the early stages of a company's life. Tax issues, payroll problems, and returned checks become expensive mistakes. While you are getting off the ground and cannot afford a full-time accountant, The UPS Store small business resources can provide these services on a freelance basis. Alternative financing is also available when your growing business needs it.

The UPS Store can serve as a one-stop shop for small business owners. Start by checking out these options, and then explore the other valuable services available to you.


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