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6 Ways To Heat Up Customer Traffic This Summer
  • 23 June 2016
  • Eric Michaels

6 Ways To Heat Up Customer Traffic This Summer

While it is hard to sell snowblowers and rock salt in the summer, there is no shortage of ways that business owners can turn up the heat during the warmest months of the year. If you want to make the most of summer 2016, it is never too early to put a plan in motion. Here are six ways to increase customer traffic this summer:

1. Discounts

Price drops are one of the most effective methods of increasing traffic and sales. Rather than considering it a giveaway for a product of value, think of it as a way to introduce your brand to new customers. What separates your company from every other one on the market? Sometimes, all it takes is a discount for customers to purchase goods they would have otherwise passed on. By providing discounts on the products you are proudest of, you can showcase your best at an extraordinary value. Before you get started, compare the cost of providing a discount to launching a marketing campaign, and then compare the results.

2. Product launches

In some cases, the key to more customer traffic is not the price but the actual product you are selling. Businesses that thrive in the summer months tend to save top product launches for when the sun is shining. Garden supplies, water sports equipment and pool cleaning packages are a few examples of launches that attract more customers during the warmer months. You can even add a twist to your company's goods or services to give them a summery feel. Task your most creative employee with this if you are having trouble finding the angle.

3. Social media campaigns

If you have the right products at the right prices but are not seeing a lot of traffic, you probably need to get the word out more effectively. Social media campaigns are a proven way to make this happen. Well-targeted ads in Facebook feeds, or even digital display ads, make it easy for consumers who are looking for the type of product you are offering this summer. The beauty of these campaigns is how they can be built to any scale and according to any budget. Try implementing a marketing campaign to test the effectiveness of social media for your brand.

4. A rewards program

Business owners who have enough customer traffic, but not enough repeat business to make it worthwhile, may want to consider implementing a loyalty program. Consumers have a lot of options these days, so why should they keep returning to your business? A rewards program answers this question with clarity. Before they start shopping around for similar goods, customers that are familiar with your products are likely to check in and see if they can obtain rewards while still getting what they want or need.

5. In-store events

Never underestimate the power of a good summer party. Consumers may look at your business in an entirely different way if they are checking out your products while standing on a sunny veranda with a tasty beverage in hand. In-store events have this power to change perspectives, so plan yours for maximum effect. You might want to plan a product launch, grand opening, or sale when the party takes place. A successful event involves getting the word out, as well as staging a nice show, so start marketing in advance.

6. Community sponsorships

Summer is the season for Little League games, youth basketball tournaments, benefit walks, and environmental cleanups. Communicate your brand values by sponsoring one or several of these programs in your community. Any business with green benefits for consumers tends to have its most captive audience in the summer, and the same goes for other community sponsorships. You will see more customers filing into your business when you let them know about the soul of the company and show you care about the community.

If increasing customer traffic is your summer 2016 resolution, there are many options that are worth trying. Start with this list, and let your creativity flow. Before you know it, your customer traffic will be on an upswing.

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