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United Problem Solvers™: Printing Like There's No Tomorrow
  • 27 October 2016
  • Victoria Idoni

United Problem Solvers™: Printing Like There's No Tomorrow

At The UPS Store, United Problem Solvers isn’t just a slogan – it’s the way we work. A great example of this kind of hard work is The UPS Store center owner, Sandy Naik, who despite having just opened her doors, without hesitation, went above and beyond to provide the absolute best customer service possible.

Sandy had been open for business approximately 10 days when a customer walked through her doors with a hefty request. The Tennessee Baptist Convention which was in town conducting a large-scale training event. Over the course of three days, the group needed training materials, both single sheets and stapled packets, that couldn’t be produced until the end of the day because they needed to include information from the prior day’s activities. This meant that the earliest possible time that the print job could begin was 7 p.m., and production would need to be completed by 7 o’clock the following morning.

When Sandy heard about the challenge, she immediately responded, “Oh yes, definitely.” She recalls, “I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I didn’t want to say no.” The next closest store is about 45 minutes away and is owned by Sandy and her sister. Since they own two stores, she figured worst case, they’d just split up the workload.

As it turns out, that 7 p.m. estimate was idealistic. The first night, a 15,000 copy request came over at around 10:15 p.m. Sandy said that while waiting for it, “I was dozing off. The store was new so there wasn’t even anything to clean.” The second night was even later and the third night, it was close to midnight before she could start on the print job. Fortunately, all of the printing was in black and white, so both the color and black and white printers could be used to speed up the process. Adding in stapling took extra time, but Sandy was committed to the task at hand.

No matter what time the job got completed, a member of the Support Services Team for the Tennessee Baptist Convention was there to get it so that the ladies could go home and get a little bit of sleep before opening up their respective stores for regular customers the next day. Since Sandy’s store was so new, she hadn’t hired any employees yet and was manning it alone. There was no calling out, or even taking time to run out to grab dinner. Sandy wanted to spring into action as soon as the project request came through in order to minimize the turnaround time.

When it finally came time to settle up for the 35,000+ total copies, Sandy did not include any extra charges for working after hours and through the night. The group protested; the bill was already in the thousands, but they knew that service like this is incredibly rare and worth paying a little more for.

Sandy said about the interaction, “They are big people. I’m not sure they remember as much as I remember.” Nonetheless, the team had wonderful things to say about the experience. “We had excellent service from that store. We have a large training event and she helped us greatly.” The convention changes locations every year. While the Tennessee Baptist Convention had not done business with The UPS Store in the past, due to last year’s extraordinary customer service experience, they asked me to send over the information for a center to work with nearby the site of this year’s convention.

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