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Can Summer Movie Season Be a Boost to Your Small Business?
  • 25 May 2017
  • Eric Michaels

Can Summer Movie Season Be a Boost to Your Small Business?

As summer approaches, you will soon begin to see previews of blockbuster films coming to theaters near you. In America, this summer tradition has become as common as July 4th celebrations and days at the beach. But can summer movie season be a boost to your small business? Follow the below steps to take advantage of this season as an entrepreneur.

Check the movie calendar

If you plan to cash in on blockbuster season, you need to know when different movies are coming to theaters. These days, summer releases tend to include at least one superhero movie, several action movies, and a few animated features. Get the specifics on what films are coming to your area so you can think about how you can tie these releases into your business. As a best practice, you should have your plans in place by June if you plan to capitalize on an opening.

Follow the hype

You have a variety of choices to make when you are looking for a business boost from a summer movie. You may consider stocking more goods based on their similarity to a specific character, or you may want to use a movie theme to promote products. You could even offer early-bird specials or movie-themed menus if you run a food business in a neighborhood with large theaters. Whichever approach you choose, make sure you are keeping track of each movie's success.

In order to truly understand a movie's appeal, you should keep your eye on box office statistics. You can then dig deeper by checking in on what is trending on Google, Facebook, or Twitter. By researching trending films, you can make sure you are aware of all the openings that could be relevant to your business and customers.

Make your pitch

Once you know the schedule and formulate your game plan, it is time to make your pitch. Your customers should dictate what direction you take for summer movie season. Naturally, businesses that cater to young families may want to focus on finding connections to animated features or superhero films. Likewise, spas and wellness centers may want to focus on glamorous characters, as they pitch to adults looking to beautify.

No matter your approach, you should run the necessary numbers before you take action. Ask yourself: What will you have to spend in order to close sales? Consider what resources you will need and whether you would require part-time help in order to see your initiative through. In some cases, you might find the campaign is not worth it, and there is nothing wrong with coming to that conclusion.

So can summer movie season be a boost to your small business? Yes! You can take advantage of this season by developing a targeted marketing campaign.

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