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6 Tips to Advertise Your Solo Business
  • 28 June 2017
  • Daniel Vahab

6 Tips to Advertise Your Solo Business

It is essential to advertise your solo business to drive awareness and engagement. After all, your hard work becomes irrelevant if your target audience does not know about your company and all that you offer. By now, most small business owners know that they should promote their brand through blog posts, social media channels, and targeted e-mails. But you can take your online outreach to the next level by implementing a variety of different tactics and technical features. Here are six tips on how to advertise your solo business in innovative and effective ways.

1. Vary up your hook in blog posts

In addition to simply posting the link to your article with its headline as the hook, re-post the piece other places such as email newsletters and social media with leading sentences that include staggering statistics, pull-quotes, and questions that you pose. That way, you are not seen as spamming people, and you can easily extend the lifespan of promotion. Plus, different people may respond more positively to different leads. It also helps to vary the image you use, as long as the image is still relevant to the headline.

2. A/B test your e-mail newsletter campaigns

Old-school e-mail campaigns are still very effective and can be optimized for greater success. Do A/B tests with different headlines, images, and copy to find new ways to increase your open and click rates. You may want to test how different campaigns perform with a small sample of your recipient list. You can then optimize your campaign for the rest of your audience by using the results from your test.

3. Make use of Twitter's polling feature

As Inc. reports, the embedded Twitter polling feature within the social media platform allows any user to quickly, freely, and easily host a multiple choice survey question on their feed about any topic. By using this feature, you can:

  • Garner key insights
  • Engage fans
  • Crowdsource votes
  • Diversify your content for entertainment and branding purposes

Moreover, the poll can be embedded on your company's blog or website to further increase engagement. And when users finish participating in a poll, they can receive a push notification, which serves to increase the chances that these users will keep engaging with your content.

For example, Stitch Fix personal styling service used a Twitter poll to engage their fans with relevant and timely content: They asked what spring shoes their audience was "crushing on." These types of survey results can help you determine which products or services to promote and when to market them.

4. Include call-to-actions for retweets across Twitter

Another simple Twitter feature that you can use to increase engagement is to add a call-to-action request for retweets within your posts. A 2013 study by Socialbakers of thousands of brands across Twitter concluded that accounts that asked for a "RT" generated 73.48 average retweets per tweet, compared with 2.09 retweets for those without a call-to-action.

5. Leverage influencers

As a best practice, you should try to include relevant influencers in your content marketing advertising efforts. Once the articles in question are published, you should proactively reach out to these influencers and tag them in your posts. They will likely appreciate the media plug and be incentivized to promote the content.

6. Strategically choose SEO keywords that are not as competitive

While a known SEO tactic is to implement relevant keywords in your content, you should try your best to strategically choose terms that are not as competitive. In order to do so, you must perform a competitive analysis and be more specific in your keyword selection. Once you determine the best keywords, you should work to naturally include these phrases within your content so that you can earn a higher ranking in online search results.

By implementing these advertising tips, you can help spread the word about your solo business to the key stakeholders who matter most. In today's crowded marketplace, it is critical to gain an edge over the competition.

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