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  • 05 June 2017
  • Nicole Cox

Meet The UPS Store National Pitch Off Winner: Michael Rosander of Discover Magic, LLC

In mid-April, The UPS Store launched its first National Pitch Off Competition where startups and small business owners had the opportunity to pitch their small business or big idea for a chance to win $10,000. Each contestant submitted an online video pitching their business in 90 seconds or less. Over 200 videos were submitted and 11,000 plus votes were cast but only one small business could win the $10,000 grand prize.


Meet Michael Rosander, Co-Owner of Discover Magic, LLC, and The UPS Store National Pitch Off competition winner.

1) Please tell us about your business.

Discover Magic develops magic classes that empower kids by teaching them the art of magic; building their character, confidence and communication skills.

Each lesson comes with a custom magic trick, a top secret file folder and a secret word that unlocks bonus videos in an online magic video vault. Not only that, but carefully crafted in each lesson are the eight traits of a true magician that will help kids become a better magician, but more importantly give them life skills that can change their future.

2) What inspired you to start this business?

Magic has changed our lives and we have seen first hand how it can change the lives of kids. We love the fact that in this technology driven age where kids are always looking down, magic is an art in which gets them looking up and engaging with others. We wanted to create a product that would not only allow kids to baffle adults and build their confidence, but also give them skills that they could use for life.

3) What makes your business unique/separates you from the competition?

We are the first magic company to create completely custom story driven magic tricks paired with a purpose to empower kids. Kids that go through our classes won’t find any of these magic tricks anywhere else. Plus, every lesson shines a light on what we call the eight traits of a true magician, which is being RESPECTFUL, PREPARED, ENTHUSIASTIC, CONFIDENT, HUMBLE, CREATIVE, AUTHENTIC and GIVING. We also leverage the power of a network of close to 100 magicians that continue to make our classes better and better.

4) What has been your biggest challenge or obstacle as a small business owner?

Getting the word out. Helping people become aware of what we do and how they can get involved by either sending their children to classes or having our classes taught through different organizations.

Most parents are aware of the benefits of piano lessons, swimming lessons, karate lessons, etc. Our main challenges is raising awareness to the benefits of performing magic, it’s not just a fun hobby. Performing magic builds character and communication skills unlike anything else.

5) How do you plan to use this $10,000 from The UPS Store?

Recently we set a goal to make these classes available to kids that could not afford it. With the help of sponsors and grants we can take our classes to organizations like the Boys and Girls club. The timing on this couldn’t be more perfect, so we are going to use the full $10,000 from The UPS Store and consider this as our first donation in getting Discover Magic to 300 kids for free across the U.S. We hope that this is just the beginning of teaching kids by thousands in the near future.

6) Are you a current The UPS Store customer? What services does The UPS Store provide for your small business?

Yes! We use UPS to ship all of our magic materials and we drop off all of our shipments at our local, super friendly UPS stores.

7) How does it feel to be The UPS Store National Pitch Off Winner?

Incredible! Winning this contest has really fueled our fire for this project and has given us the inspiration to keep moving forward knowing that we are on the right track. We have been truly amazed at the responses we’ve received and we can’t thank you enough for having this contest.

8) What’s your best piece of advice for other small business owners/aspiring entrepreneurs?

I have three pieces of advice: have fun, give people more than they expect and treat every customer like they are your only one.

You can find information on Michael’s business at For information on the rest of The UPS Store Pitch Off winners , such as most creative, most daring and most innovative pitches, click here.

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