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How to Leverage Big Events Like the Super Bowl to Help Your Business Score
  • 31 January 2018
  • Daniel Vahab

How to Leverage Big Events Like the Super Bowl to Help Your Business Score

Nationally televised events offer a variety of different opportunities for business promotion. But not all events are equal—in fact, some have much more hype surrounding them. One of the biggest annual events happens this weekend. Super Bowl LII which will be held at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is already trending on social media, with people eagerly awaiting and promoting both the game and the half-time show.

The Super Bowl is not just a one-day event. There’s lots of excitement to capitalize on and help infuse a big game mentality into your business. Revisit marketing messaging and materials and lessons learned from year to year. Last year, the Super Bowl amassed an audience of 111.3 million viewers on Fox alone, and raced to the top as the most live-streamed Super Bowl ever, averaging 1.7 million viewers each minute.

With that many people interested in a single event, how can a small business owner take advantage of the upcoming Super Bowl to promote their business? Here are a few tips to consider.


Host themed events

With so many people excited about the big game, why not capitalize on the hype by hosting a themed event? Invite your team members, clients, and customers to come to your office or brick-and-mortar location dressed in apparel supporting their favorite team. And decorate the event area in Super Bowl decor.

You can even create a festive Fourth Quarter Punch, as recommended by the Food Network. Want to take it a step further? Consider creating a Super Bowl-themed snack, like creative cupcakes decorated with footballs and Super Bowl rings. If you really want to go all out, you can host the event during the Super Bowl itself—projecting the game in the background. Hosting this type of event is a great way to attract current and prospective customers to your location.

Offer promotions and sales

Clever promotions can help to attract foot traffic. Try to come up with a few ways your own business can tie a special sale or offering into the Super Bowl craze. Maybe with each touchdown scored, you offer a percentage off a popular product for a limited time.

A big event is also a great opportunity to host announce a major one-day sale. Think of car dealerships or furniture stores that are known for leveraging this tactic to their advantage. Hosting a limited-time sale creates more of an urgent need to purchase, since the discount is fleeting.

Launch creative campaigns

The weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are also a great time to launch a fun, creative ad campaign. There are many different components of the big event that you could relate to – whether through food, music, apparel, or simply entertainment. Then, get creative in how you tie that element to your business to create a fun, timely campaign around it.

You don’t have to have multi-million dollar ad budgets to capitalize and ride the momentum of a big event like the Super Bowl. With social media and video channels like YouTube, as well as some creative strategizing, you can help grab your business additional attention and engagement.

Leverage trending hashtags

There are always trending hashtags and buzz terms across social media sites like Twitter, associated with big events. When you can relate these hash tags to your business, use them in both print and digital branding to gain more visibility and become part of the conversation. When users and media outlets search for content related to an event using the hashtag, your business's social posts can pop up. Send messages to your team members with a call-to-action to use the hashtag consistently to promote the event. The more your small business uses it, the better chance it has to gain visibility and capitalize on the excitement surrounding the big game.

Your small business can capitalize on the Super Bowl through unique events and promotions. Consider the types of parties, marketing campaigns, and sales you can use to earn new clients and excite old ones. And get started on your campaign today!

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