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Share the Love this Month: Work with Other Small Business Owners
  • 03 May 2018
  • Rebecca Delaney

Share the Love this Month: Work with Other Small Business Owners

As we celebrate small businesses all month long with our Small Biz Salute, we encourage you to share the small business love with your fellow business owners. When you work together with other small businesses, you can, in turn, help your own business. How?

You’ll build a valuable community and network.

Take the story from a small business owner who recently passed the first-year mark for her home-based graphic design business. She says during this first year, all her work came from friends who also run their own small business—including a woman who has a handmade baby gift shop on Etsy and another woman who sells frozen muffin batter. Now she says she returns the favor by using these businesses and other small businesses in the community, whenever she can.


Starting your own small business can really open your eyes to how many small businesses there are in the local community. Small businesses often try to support those businesses because you know firsthand how difficult and scary it can be going out on your own.

Not only can this group of fellow business owners refer your services to friends and clients, but they can be a sounding board and a valuable resource for questions that arise when running your own business such as whether or not to expand, the best way to start hiring, or ideas on how to better market your services.

Word of mouth still works. As friends of your clients see your work, they may very well reach out to hire you for additional projects. By supporting other small businesses, you create connections, a valuable network that can refer you to more work and a community that you can trust.

Small businesses have first-hand experience with small business issues.

Turning to a large corporation for help with taxes, legal counsel, or other issues that may arise with a small business is certainly an option. But a fellow small business owner may understand your pain points more than an associate at a big firm, simply because he or she is experiencing or has experienced the same problems. Other small business owners can also better understand financial and time constraints that you may face as an SBO better than someone large company.

You’ll receive more personalized service and offerings

Think about what inspired you to go out on your own when you opened your business. Did you have a creative idea that only you could execute or did you want to have more one-on-one interactions with your customers? Other small business owners feel the same way and want to provide you with more than a cookie-cutter solution or product that you could get through a big business.


Also, since your business is as individual as you are, you most likely need the personalized service that only a small business can provide. Tap into what made you take the leap into small business ownership and support a peer’s creativity and personal service by using their services or buying their products whenever possible. As mentioned above, you will help create a network of creative and hardworking professionals that you can rely on throughout the ups and downs of small business ownership.

Call it karma, but when you use the services of a fellow small business owner, you help to create a small business-friendly environment in your community that can help all entrepreneurs and small business owners. Build and expand your network. Lean on one another. Learn from each other. Support your local community. By spending money with these small businesses, you contribute to a vibrant and thriving economy in your community, which can really help your business in the long run.

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