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Recharge Your Small Business Over the Labor Day Weekend
  • 29 August 2018
  • Rebecca Delaney

Recharge Your Small Business Over the Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend—usually the signal that summer is over. As you dive into that pumpkin spice latte (yes, they’re already available), take some time over the long weekend to reenergize your small business. While many businesses are closed on Monday, this holiday weekend can be a great opportunity for you to get creative, tap into the end-of-summer vibes and boost your business.

-Offer summer sales and activities: The temperatures may still be soaring, but when Labor Day is over, most people are already making the shift to fall. Take advantage of the long weekend to mark down any summer-related merchandise or offerings and provide generous discounts to your customers. If you have a storefront, have a sidewalk sale to draw in more people. If you can, have some entertainment at the sidewalk sale. Make it fun. Think balloon animal artist, music or food. Consider a scaled-down Labor Day barbeque or offering sweet summer treats like popsicles or Italian ice. Place some lawn games nearby, like cornhole, to create a fun, backyard atmosphere that will help draw families in.

-Attend Labor Day Weekend events: Are there any special Labor Day events in your local community, such as a barbeque, picnic, or family fun day? See if you can set up a table or booth and hand out some fun swag to get your name out in the community. Or offer to sponsor part of the event to create goodwill in the community and increase awareness of your business.


-Create promotions around back-to-school: Even if your business isn't related at all to children getting back into the classroom, there are still ways you can tie into the back-to-school craze. Labor Day is the last gasp of summer for most families— and by the Tuesday after Labor Day, most kids across the U.S. are back in class. Think about bundling different products together in the theme of “care packages” – students go off to college and family members have to send them all the things they forgot they needed, or things they simply miss from home.

And now that folks are back in town from vacation and on a more regular schedule again, make a push, either through direct mail or social media, to meet with clients. Offer estimates or reconnect with former clients who may need work done but have been putting it off over the summer months because kids were home. Follow up with clients who may have contacted you in the spring but became too busy over the summer. Consider offering a back-to-school discount on your services to get clients thinking about projects they may have been putting off.

-Use social media: Before the holiday weekend, encourage clients over social media to book your services before they have guests over for cookouts and parties. Have a Labor Day photo or best back-to-school photo contest on Instagram, and use Facebook and Twitter to announce your end-of-summer specials or sidewalk sales. Post photos of the work you did over the summer and provide discounts to those who book work over Labor Day.

-Say goodbye to summer, and hello to fall: The change of seasons can be bittersweet. While it's sad to bid farewell to the lazy days of summer, the start of a new school year and season is full of anticipation and excitement, even if you don't have small children going back to school. Capitalize on the start of a new season and post on social media your top picks in trends for the fall season. Print out the local high school football or soccer schedule on magnets and hand them out to your loyal customers. Start thinking about what customers will need when the weather starts turning a little chillier and the leaves start turning. It may be hard to think about the change of seasons when most people are still flocking to the beach or to backyard cookouts, but it will pay off in the long run when customers are looking for your services. Embrace the coming fall season with open arms and you will be ready when your customers are.

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