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8 Ways Your Business Can Honor Veterans This Veterans Day
  • 07 November 2018
  • Rebecca Delaney

8 Ways Your Business Can Honor Veterans This Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, make sure your business takes the opportunity to honor veterans and their families in your community. Originally termed Armistice Day, the holiday celebrated the one-year anniversary of the end of World War I. Today, it is a chance for us to thank and honor those who serve or have served our country. Here are eight ways small business owners can celebrate and support veterans in their own communities.


1. Offer Discounts

First up, consider making veterans, active service military and military families eligible for a discount at your business. Be sure to publicize the promotion in advertising, email marketing and social media. But once Veterans Day is over, think about extending the discount throughout the year. Veterans and their families will certainly appreciate it, and you may earn yourself some new, loyal customers.

2. Make a Donation

Donate a portion of your sales on Veterans Day to an organization that supports veterans. Organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project or Operation Second Chance offer critical support to veterans returning home to their families. Once you select the organization you would like to sponsor, let your customers know through signage, social media or email that their purchases are helping veterans in need. Make sure they know that their business will help support the cause.

You can find a list of reputable charitable organizations here.

3. Thank a Veteran

Do you have someone on your staff who has served? If they are comfortable with it, share their story on your company's social media channels and thank them for their service. Or, give them the day off and host a breakfast in their honor the following day. If you do not have someone who has served on your team, but you know of a loyal customer who has, honor them on social media or invite them to visit your store for a day of appreciation — as long as they are comfortable with the attention.

4. Find a Sponsorship Opportunity

Most communities hold a Veterans Day parade or a breakfast to honor local veterans, so look into potential sponsorship opportunities as a way to show your support to the community. This will also provide your business with additional visibility, and show your customers the community-minded values of your small business.

5. Hire a Veteran

Next time you have an opening on your staff, make an effort to hire a veteran. The U.S. Department of Labor has an employer toolkit on their website to help any business owners who are actively looking to employ service members who are transitioning out of active duty, veterans and those who were wounded in battle.


6. Fly the Flag

Flying the flag outside of your business is a simple, yet spirited gesture. Just remember, the flag does not have to be half-mast, as Veterans Day is considered a day of honor and celebration — not mourning.

7. Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

There are 2.52 million veteran-owned businesses across the country. Consider partnering up with one of these businesses to make a difference in your community or use their services for a need you already have within your own business. This website can help you find veteran-owned businesses in your community, as can your local Chamber of Commerce.

8. Hold a Thank-You Note Campaign

In the days leading up to Veterans Day, hand out "thank you" cards to your customers and their families, and encourage them to write a note of thanks to local veterans. Hand deliver the notes to your area's Veterans Affairs Office, senior center or anywhere else where local veterans may frequent.

Our veterans deserve our support and honor not only on Veterans Day, but throughout the year. This year, Veterans Day is observed on Monday, November 12, so prepare your business now to show your community that your small business supports them just as much as they support you. Taking the time to show your thanks celebrates those who served, and brings your community closer together on this special day.

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