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Preparing Your Business for Spring Break Travelers
  • 03 April 2019
  • Leo Covey

Preparing Your Business for Spring Break Travelers

Spring break means fun in the sun and happy travelers with dollars to spend. Last year, 53% of Millennials planned to take a spring break, with an average travel budget of $369.63 each. If you find yourself in a community frequented by recreational travelers, here are some easy things you can do to make sure that your business gets on their radar and that some of those dollars find their way into your cash register.


Sell local

Few people come back from vacation bragging to their friends about shopping at a big-box retailer. No, they are looking for unique shopping experiences that tell the story of the adventure they just had with their friends and family, someplace new and off the beaten path. You can appeal to that sense of wonder and discovery by featuring merchandise from the place you call home—whether it is local food ingredients, clothing, art or music. Add a “shop local” sign, and you can bolster your “cred” as a trusted curator and a retailer within your community.

Be an ambassador for your community

If you notice spring breakers in your business, there is a good chance they are hungry for your recommendations, as 50% of Americans would choose word of mouth over any other source of information. Find out where they are from and what they want to check off their list while they are visiting. Tell them how to bypass the chain restaurants and find a beloved hometown café. Point them in the right direction of a secret hiking trail. As a resident of your community, you possess the valuable “insider info” that is hard to unearth from guide books and online reviews but is easy to share via word of mouth. With a quick conversation, you can form a relationship with a first-time customer that may lead them to be a loyal advocate for your business. Not to mention, anything you can do to direct people to other local businesses is a win for your community.

Signs can equal dollar signs

As a consumer, you can relate to the feeling of traveling to someplace new. Whether you are walking or driving unfamiliar streets, you know what it is like to scan storefronts for a place to eat or shop. For travelers, something as simple as a sign that welcomes them to the community can be a, well, welcoming sight. If you know of a large contingent of people traveling to your town—be they spring breakers or even visitors for a business convention—you can work with the professionals at The UPS Store® to print the right sign to welcome them by name to your business.

Remember your digital welcome mat

The benefits of printing welcome signs also hold true for your “digital welcome signs.” Now that search engines and mobile phones are optimized for location-driven results, you have the power to target travelers with specific digital messaging on your website and social media. A new greeting on your home page or a spring-break-themed Facebook or Instagram message can signify to travelers that you value their business. Plus, when you encourage travelers who have had a good experience with your business to post a recommendation on Google reviews, you can continue to seed the story that you are a travel-friendly destination.


Put your brand in their hands

With an informational, full-color brochure about your business, you have the power to reach travelers outside the perimeters of your business. Reach out to local Airbnb hosts and hotels, and ask them to place your brochures, coupons and flyers in their guest houses. Anything about your business that you can put in travelers’ hands will give you a leg up in their decision-making.

Help them pack and ship

With vacationing comes shopping, and with shopping comes an important question: How do you get larger purchases home without the inconvenience of carrying them? If you are a retailer, it is as simple as pointing your customers to the closest The UPS Store location. With advanced packing techniques and more than 20 standard box sizes to choose from, our Certified Packing Experts can pack and ship practically any item so that it gets home safely and securely. With more than 80% of the U.S. population living within 10 miles of The UPS Store, we are one of the most convenient packing and shipping solutions for spring breakers.

Have your own upcoming travel plans? The UPS Store is here to help you with your packing and shipping needs and even passport services if you are planning on leaving the country.

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