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Press “Play” on Our Top 5 Small Business Podcasts
  • 23 September 2019
  • Maya Harper

Press “Play” on Our Top 5 Small Business Podcasts

Chances are, you have recently heard someone say, “You have to listen to this podcast.” Whether it was from a friend, a business contact or a family member, we all know at least one podcast enthusiast who loves to share their favorites with everyone they know. The podcast fanatics in your life are not alone. The popularity of podcasts has quickly grown, with nearly one of every three Americans listening to at least one per month and the industry expected to be worth $1 billion by 2021. It is an exciting time for business and podcasting, as the business genre has breached the top 5 most popular of all genres; there seems to be something for nearly every kind of small business owner. Whether you are already an avid listener or you have yet to press “play” on your first podcast, we want to make it easy for you to dive in with this list of inspirational and relevant business podcasts to suit any mood.

Press “Play” on Our Top 5 Small Business Podcasts

When you are feeling fired up:

Entrepreneurs on Fire
John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs about their paths to success and advice for other self-starters in the industry. Tune in for recommendations, stories and inspiration from industry greats like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin, among others. Dumas (or JLD, as his fans call him) also highlights three “value bombs” in the description for each episode, providing a great short list of strategies for sparking success.

When you are in the mood for motivation:

How I Built This
Consider NPR’s business staple your directory of small business success stories, from Airbnb to Zappos. How I Built This brings you through a step-by-step history of how everyone’s favorite businesses were built, directly from the mouths of the people who built them. In the moments when success on the scale of industry giants feels far away, this 45- to 60-minute listen is a great reminder that leaders of all kinds likely found themselves in your shoes at some point in their career.

When you want a deeper dive:

You likely have plenty of your own tales to tell about the trials of starting or owning your own business, but if you are looking to hear some honest stories (good, bad and sometimes ugly) about how other small business owners have managed to grow their businesses from the ground up, start with StartUp. The first two seasons give in-depth looks at how two companies were formed and found success, while the later seasons focus on a different business in every episode. So whether you are looking to delve into a longer journey or just want the startup highlight reel, you will find some good inspiration here.

When you are ready to get creative:

Being Boss
If you ask Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, both successful independent business owners, creativity is essential to just about every aspect of business. From decision-making to problem-solving to maintaining relationships and culture, a little creativity goes a long way no matter what your business goals are. Being Boss adds a fun dose of humor that sets it apart from many other business podcasts, which is why it is so highly recommended by the most trusted sources in business.

When you are not sure what you want:

TED Podcasts
Did you know that TED has not just one podcast, but six? While the TED franchise, events and YouTube videos have pretty widespread popularity, the podcasts are a lesser-known, convenient way to get a daily dose of TED. Go for TED Talks Daily for the classic format, or try The TED Interview or TED Radio Hour for new ways to think about evolving your life and business for the better. One of the best aspects of TED is the range: You may find inspiration to clean out your office space one day and call an old friend the next, but you can count on coming away motivated and ready to take on your to-do list.

The reality is, running a small business takes a lot of time, and you might not have hours in your day to finish that book you started last summer or binge an entire season of a TV show. But you might have time, while washing the dishes, walking your dog or avoiding that post-lunch slump, to pop in your headphones for a 20-minute distraction or dose of inspiration. No matter where that motivation leads, you can always rely on The UPS Store as a convenient, local resource for your small business. And if you become one of those “You have to listen to this” people, we promise not to judge.

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