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The UPS Store Small Business Blog
  • 03 February 2020
  • Jelani Markus

Great ways to build customer trust

Nowadays, consumers are looking for more from businesses than just the goods and services they provide. There is a growing desire among savvy customers to know more about where they spend their money and who they are spending it on. For a better chance at success, distinguish your business as trustworthy.

Picture of phone with social app loaded

For some, it goes without saying. For others, it is a surprising insight. But in either case, the truth remains: Businesses that have strong engagement on social media seem to earn more trust, especially when a majority of content is user generated.

Tell your story through pictures. Instagram is a necessity at this point when it comes to businesses looking to build trust. Use it to build your narrative, showcase creativity and, of course, speak directly with your consumers.

Maintain a varied social toolbox. You don’t have to rely extensively on one social media channel to tell your story and create a bond between you and your shoppers. Facebook and Twitter remain very strong avenues of consumer engagement. Add some distinction between how you use each platform to increase your chances of earning new followers across the board.

Give them what they expect

Nothing erodes trust like inconsistent quality. You want to deliver high quality in every aspect of the products or services you provide.

Keep your team up to par. Lead by example to help your staff understand how important quality is to your business. You can also make it clear through training and procedures exactly what the expectations are and how to consistently reach them.

Be easy to recognize. Many businesses may be unaware how important consistent branding can be. Work closely with whomever is tasked with creating your branding guidelines to develop a look that instantly makes your customers think about you.

Address them the right way. Even if your business is small, nothing builds trust quite like a physical address. Your customer wants to know that you are not going to simply disappear. Look to avoid settling for a P.O. Box if at all possible.

Put a face to the name

Business owner and customer at service desk

While social media engagement is extremely relevant when it comes to consumer trust, nothing does it quite like real-life interaction whenever possible. If your small business has foot traffic, search for ways you and other team members can be made available for additional engagement.

Give out your number. If you want to build customer trust, it’s a good idea to keep business cards handy and easily accessible. Remember to include your email. If customers email you, you’re now in a position to share additional information with them if they are added to an email list.

Be among the people. If you run a brick-and-mortar location, you have a perfect opportunity to deliver some authentic face time with your consumers and further build customer trust. It can be easy to forget how valuable a warm smile and a handshake can be when it comes to developing deep loyalty and trust with your consumer base.

Customers aren’t just buying products; they’re buying an ideology. To increase your chances of success, always look for new and innovative ways to build customer trust.

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