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  • 04 May 2020
  • Leo Covey

Tips on Working from Home Like a Pro

As millions of us continue to work from home, naturally, questions about productivity and professionalism arise when you "office" out of the same place you eat, sleep and maybe even raise a family. Also, like many of you, we are making up these rules as we go along and then zeroing in on what works. Here then are some tips and tricks we have compiled to help you work from home like a pro.

  1. Respect your boundaries. Now that your home is equal parts office, gym, school, kitchen and more, it is natural that work may start to permeate into other areas of your life. You may find yourself answering texts while making breakfast and setting up your kids’ eLearning for the day. Or it could simply mean working in your pajamas from your bedroom. Neither situation is optimal. Look for ways to distance your work from your personal life — physically, spatially and emotionally.

  2. Start your day right. Avoid sleeping in. Set your alarm clock, and then stick to it as if you need to make your way to the office. Shower. Put on professional clothes. Eat a healthy breakfast. Protect the little routines that will propel you into a more productive day.

  3. Exercise your options. With an increase in virtual working also comes the dangers of a more sedentary lifestyle. Get up and move around after a long video conference. Break for a midafternoon video yoga session. Participate in the latest social media push-up challenge. A few minutes of exercise will get the blood flowing and re-energize you for your next task.

    Woman working on laptop and eating cereal at the same time
  4. Prioritize your to-do list. When you attack each day with focus, you are less likely to burn out, which can adversely affect both your personal and professional life. Tackle your most important projects of the day first—those critical tasks that are fundamental to your business success. After that, move on to organizational tasks, networking, general market research and the like. Even before COVID-19, some business experts were considering possible alternatives to the traditional 8-hour work day. So do not feel like you have to be chained to your desk (or dining room table) all day.

  5. Co-work with your kids. As written previously, there are no easy answers to working at home with kids. The basic fact is that they are not working in your office — you are working in their home. So learn to build new, productive routines that protect and respect their space and state of mind.

  6. Minimize clutter. Clutter comes in many forms. It can mean messy papers piling up in your dining room. Or an email or IM feed that is crowded with too many lengthy messages that are hard to navigate. Do your part to streamline chaotic communication and avoid information overload. This will help your state of mind, as well as those you work with.

  7. Do your best to keep yourself safe. Life goes on outside of work. The best way to protect your productivity and livelihood is to do your best to safeguard yourself from the potential exposure to COVID-19. If you have to leave the house for essential shopping and errands (and most of us do at some point), practice responsible social distancing and safety measures. Follow your local city and state guidelines for more information.

Now more than ever, we need to find the right balance between the personal and professional. If there is anything The UPS Store can do to help increase your productivity and protect your business, find the location nearest you and schedule an appointment. Or stop on by. We remain open during the crisis as an essential business for your small business.

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