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The UPS Store Small Business Blog
  • 08 June 2020
  • Jelani Markus

Make the Most of the Time Your Customers Are Spending Online

The current global and nationwide situation has forced small business owners to look at other options for operating and marketing. Stay-at-home orders mean that instead of daily commutes, many customers are spending their time at home. And much of that time is spent online. With this shift in internet use, we compiled a few tactics to make the most of capturing some of your customer’s time online and benefit your business.

Maximize email lists. If your customers are spending more time online, so should you. Look for ways to update your email marketing process. Focus your KPI’s (key performance indicators) on converting the people who open your email to engage with you in some way. Try and find ways to personalize the interaction. Savvy consumers will see through a boilerplate template that just has their name on it. Learn more about your customers, and with that new information, create messages that feel more human and thoughtful.

Send out surveys. Many online customers are bored and searching for ways to pass the time. After the online classes and streaming binges, an engaging consumer survey can be a fun way to allow your customers to hand-deliver useful insights. You can use this information to paint a better picture of your target audience and equip you with the tools to adjust your business in ways they will appreciate.

Woman holding credit card and typing info into laptop

Stay social. When customers spend time online, they are often using social media platforms. Be sure to interact and engage with your followers and share information they would find valuable. It doesn’t have to be all business though; social media is your opportunity to have fun exchanges with your customers if it fits with your brand image.

Entice online. To be frank, there are many things online that can easily grab a customer’s attention. When your aim is to stand out in a sea of information, you want to create a lighthouse scenario for your message to shine bright. When you purchase ad space on sites where you know your consumers loom, consider the layout and find ways to spark interest. Color choices, stark contrast and one-time deals are all ways to earn a click instead of a passing glance. Take your time, and experiment with what works best for you.

Tell your story. The current pandemic has led to the creation of many stories. Many of us are dealing with this situation in our own unique ways. When it comes to small business owners, your story could make all the difference in garnering customer loyalty online and in-store (when customers are able to visit in person again). Let your guard down a little, and display your humanity on your website, in your emails and in your overall marketing efforts.

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