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  • 17 June 2020
  • Kayla Meier

The Summer Guide to Small Business Improvements

As summer arrives and we transition into the new normal, it is time to think about making improvements to your small business during summer. Every small business should consider incorporating a summer improvement mindset into their business plan, especially if you recently reopened your small business or are preparing to welcome customers again. Here are six ways to make improvements.

  1. Polish your social feeds
    Take inventory of your small business’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. Yes, social media can be cleaned any time of year — even in summer! Delete items that feel off-brand or that have performed poorly. Refresh your visuals and social strategy. Revamping your business’s social feeds during summer will also ensure that your customers have the most up-to-date information on how your business is responding to the challenges of COVID-19.

  2. Slap on a fresh new coat of … signage
    Printed materials are more than a way to communicate offers and events. They also can convey messaging on social distancing, safety precautions and new business policies. While you make improvements to your small business during summer, take inventory of your printed materials. Does everything sparkle from afar? If not, connect with a local expert to help you with all your small business print needs.

  3. Deep-clean your workspace
    Regularly cleaning your workspace is an important way to declutter your mind, ensure a healthy work environment and promote customer confidence. To help you operate a safe and sanitary workplace for employees and customers, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided updated guidance for businesses. Beyond the safety benefits, routine tidying can help you relieve stress and put yourself in a productive mindset. The less you worry about moving around stacks of forgotten papers this summer, the more you can concentrate on your small business plan.

    Two people wearing mask conversing
  4. Tidy up your team
    Your employees are the internal engine of your small business, and you want all the gears running smoothly this summer. Use the summer-improvement mindset for your small business to revitalize internal thinking. Rev up your employees with an inspirational email, and let them know their contributions are seen and appreciated. As stay-at-home orders are eased and your business reopens, speak to your employees about adjustments to workplace processes and the steps you are taking to prioritize their health and safety. Make sure to gather their input as well.

  5. Scrub your leads
    With a product or service to sell, customers are the lifeline of your business. This summer, take time to make improvements to your list of leads, valuable customers, VIPs and other customer groups that are important to the growth of your small business. It is better to have a clean and highly targeted list than a long list full of inefficiencies or inaccuracies.

  6. Dust off the IT cobwebs
    With the rapid pace of technology evolution, a year can bring many new innovations and make existing equipment obsolete. As part of your small business plan, take a look at your computers, monitors, call systems, data storage solutions and more. New technology also can help you streamline customer interactions and provide no-contact services. When you make improvements to your technology, your small business will become more efficient and agile in this competitive and changing environment.

Making improvements to your small business during summer is essential to setting up your small business for success. All it takes is the time to look around and study what can be enhanced as part of your small business plan and reopening strategy. Finally, know that the small business experts at The UPS Store are there to help you run cleaner, safer and smarter.

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