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  • 06 July 2020
  • Jelani Markus

Ways Your Business Can Partner with Charities and Nonprofits

Creating a partnership between your small business and a charity or nonprofit can lead to many positive results. When your name is spoken in the same breath as a well-respected cause, it builds goodwill for you company. In the current era of business, what you stand for has an impact on your bottom line. A charity partnership also can provide an overall sense of well-being that bolsters employee morale and loyalty. But how do you get started? If you’re ready to establish a nonprofit or charity partnership, we have a few tips to help.

Build your case

Once you choose a nonprofit or charity with a cause you believe in, share with them what you bring to the table. Charities and nonprofits need partnerships to survive, but you should aim to demonstrate how your partnership will be mutually beneficial.

  • Funding is important for nonprofits. Presenting your plan to increase funding through your partnership can garner excitement.

  • Build upon their existing donors over the long run. The longer the partnership lasts, the bigger the potential to increase the number of regular donors willing to write checks on their behalf.

  • Introduce them to your network to further expand their potential partnerships. Nonprofits are still interested in growing, and by adding to their network, you can help make that a reality.

Set expectations

As mentioned earlier, a partnership won’t work unless the benefits are mutual. With that in mind, once you have a nonprofit you are comfortable working with, it’s time to share what you hope to gain.

Two women with masks and gloves delivering groceries
  • Clarity is key when negotiating the terms of your partnership. Be as forthcoming about what you want to achieve with the arrangement and ask them to provide the same level of openness.

  • Assign roles to keep things running smoothly. It is important that everyone knows who is in charge of different tasks and responsibilities on both sides of the table.

  • Make time to build trust with the leaders at your charity or nonprofit partner. Let them know that they can depend on you and that you’re keeping their cause in mind as you make decisions.

Decide how to partner

Now that the partnership is all set to go, what’s next? How do you help promote your nonprofit partnership to help them grow funding and help you grow your reputation through association? There are few choices available to you:

  • Employee volunteering is a great way to check off more than one box at once when it comes to a charity partnership. When you give your employees an opportunity to be part of something, a lot of them will appreciate the chance. Just remember that because they aren’t being paid, it’s best not to make any event feel “mandatory.”

  • Sponsorship of an event can work wonders. When you sponsor, you can connect your small business directly to all the positive work the nonprofit is doing. Imagine a huge banner that reads “Brought to you by [your business name].”

  • Link your marketing to their cause by donating a portion of the proceeds from some items or services to their nonprofit. While you’re providing daily donations, they will promote you as a trusted partner. It’s a win-win.

  • Help in a way unique to your business. Look for ways to build recognition and increase donations for the nonprofit in ways that only your business can. The UPS Store is no stranger to building something unique in service of a nonprofit partnership. And with a bit of creative thinking, you won’t be either.

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