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  • 21 September 2020
  • Leo Covey

Team-Building Activities and Tips in a Remote World

Running a small business has always been a calling with its own set of unique challenges. With the new dynamic of remote work, things can be even trickier, especially if you are managing employees. Suddenly a team that was united and running in the same direction with organization and discipline can sometimes feel unmoored, uninspired and possibly worried about the future. Here are some valuable ways you can easily infuse positivity and productivity into their days, even with the physical distance that separates you.

Check in on your employees regularly. Provide a daily hot sheet of the most important tasks that need to be performed. Set weekly or monthly team meetings, and then stick to that schedule. Rather than being a burden, this regular cadence of virtual messaging and communication is a lifeline of support that will remind your employees that you are invested in them and their success.

woman packing a shipping box

Special deliveries
In this age of virtual and remote working, sometimes a tangible gift becomes a heartfelt gesture that almost replaces your physical presence. Send a kit full of healthy snacks, a motivational poster that they can hang in their workspace or a birthday gift. Whatever you want to send, The UPS Store can help with all of your printing, packing and shipping needs.

Create a team newsletter
Whether printed or digital, a newsletter is a great way to keep your team in the know about important business and company culture news. You can write about your small business priorities, sales goals or results, plus fun facts like employee birthdays and work anniversaries. For even more engagement, ask a few people within your team to help contribute to each edition to increase their feeling of ownership.

Did someone say pet parade?
You probably had fun company events for holidays and birthdays before you started working remotely, so why stop now? In fact, you probably should host them more regularly to keep people motivated and lighten the mood during stressful times. Virtual happy hours, bingo games, birthday parties and, yes, even pet parades are all trending right now. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to show off their favorite furball on a webcam?

Create inspirational moments
The risk of working remotely is that we lose each other as a constant source of inspiration. Suddenly, we’re missing those moments when someone next to us sparks us into action with smart insight or some positive words of encouragement. To make up for the distance gap, look for ways to create inspirational moments virtually. Hire a motivational speaker. Sign up your team for a virtual conference. Host a brainstorming session for your small business.

Rather than treat these challenging times as a negative, sometimes a change in perspective can open your eyes to possibilities instead of problems. We live in an age of amazing technology. You have the power to unlock new ways of working that can influence an entire generation. Think of yourself as an innovator. Use this time of remote work to experiment with new management ideas for your small business. And who knows? You may opt for a more permanent virtual footprint in the future if you find that it comes with benefits that outweigh the negatives.

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