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  • 05 October 2020
  • Kayla Meier

Email Marketing Tips for Holiday 2020

When the seasons change and the leaves start to fall, it is the perfect opportunity to turn your attention to the holidays. In these uncertain times, many retailers are changing their holiday season plans. Whether you aim to start your sales earlier, offer outdoor or modified shopping experiences, or simply announce a new collection, creating an email marketing strategy for the holiday season now will help you get ahead later. Here are a few helpful email marketing tips for holiday 2020.

Look at your lists
With customers searching for alternatives to in-store shopping this holiday season, email marketing is a great

women at her laptop with her mobile device

way to reach people wherever they are. Cultivate a healthy list of email subscribers by placing an opt-in form on your website. Within that form, offer an incentive to join the list such as a small discount or free shipping on their first order. Provide your customers with value, and they will be more inclined to shop your small business for their holiday 2020 gifts.

Do your research
With so much emphasis on online sales, it pays to know your customers’ preferences – especially during the competitive holiday season. Before you launch your holiday 2020 email campaign, reach out to your existing customers with a survey. Ask them what promotions, discounts, products or services they are most interested in. Reference their answers when building your holiday email marketing campaign to help ensure it is effective.

Stand out with your story
Telling a distinctive story about your small business and the quality of your products could help you stand out this holiday season. A study cited by Marketing Dive found that 56% of marketers sent holiday- or winter-themed emails in the 2018 holiday season. So while generic holiday emails will be seasonally appropriate, they might not be enough to cut through the clutter. Focus on what makes your business unique to help inspire your customers’ holiday 2020 purchases. Include links to your social media pages in an effort to encourage a deeper connection to your business.

Start early
According to The Washington Post, retailers will kick off their holiday 2020 sales events earlier in the year, with some big brands starting in October. Because it is often challenging for small businesses to keep sales running in the long term, look for other ways to attract customers early through email. Consider creating a gift guide to highlight certain items. Announce your new holiday collection with an email, or remind your customers to save the date for a new item release. If you are holding a sale or sweepstakes, let your customers know and get them into the holiday shopping spirit.

This year has been full of challenges, and the upcoming holiday shopping season is sure to present some of its own. With the right email marketing strategy at the right time, you can work to make the most of your customers’ changing shopping habits, strengthen your connection to them and give them something to look forward to in their inbox.

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