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  • 21 December 2020
  • Jelani Markus

The Best Free Tools for Brainstorming and Collaboration

When meeting up in person just isn’t an option anymore thanks to a worldwide pandemic, your choices for team-based strategy development may seem few and far between. Thankfully, technology has stepped in to deliver a bevy of options to help businesses brainstorm, collaborate and get to the solutions you only can reach together. As a small business owner, you know an online tool for collaboration is best when it doesn’t have a huge impact on your bottom line. With that in mind, here are five awesome online tools for brainstorming and collaboration that are also free.

brainstorming video conference

With the WiseMapping collaboration tool, your team can share ideas with each other easily. Files can be embedded into blogs for simple importing and exporting. To keep things secure online, you can download WiseMapping onto your own server for safe transactions between team members. WiseMapping is an excellent tool for generating and organizing ideas.

If you’re looking for an online brainstorming and collaboration tool that allows you to keep track of all previous changes made, Coggle just may be the ticket. This tool allows you to create notes, drag and drop images, and more. If you and your team have a strong understanding of computers, give this tool a look.

Miro brings several impressive options for online collaboration, brainstorming, organization and more. You can automatically import data while keeping a close eye on what everyone is working on at any given time. Choosing to upgrade to the paid version will add plenty of bonuses, but the free version is robust and an excellent way to get started.

Slack is an incredible collaboration tool you may have even seen in commercials. You can organize projects and teams into separate rooms for chatting and collaboration, as well as direct messages for peers and even video calling capability. Be aware, however, that the free version does have limitations on storage space and other features.

Trello is a gift to project managers. This online tool allows for easy-to-understand organization and collaboration among team members. In addition, Trello integrates with other big apps like Evernote, Google Drive and the aforementioned Slack. You can quickly deliver feedback, work together to find solutions and utilize tools you are already familiar with. The free version is chock-full of valuable content. And if you ever need more, you can upgrade to the paid subscription version.

When looking for ways to collaborate and brainstorm from a distance, this list of online tools may be a step in the right direction. While not comprehensive, this list is a great start for small business owners allowing more flexibility to engage their team in reaching better business solutions.

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