Everything you need to successfully market your business from one platform.

Launchpad Marketing Cloud

Have a business and need to find new customers? Do it with the Launchpad Marketing Cloud. Enter characteristics of your customers and targeted ZIP codes – or just draw a circle on a map using our innovative tools.

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Find and Reach New Customers to Grow Your Business

Build stronger relationships with current customers and acquire new ones, all on a single platform - Launchpad Marketing Cloud. Only the Launchpad Marketing Cloud provides you with the ability to communicate with your current customers and find new ones. Easily launch highly targeted campaigns across multiple channels to grow your bottom line.      

Launchpad product features

For $295 Monthly Access Fee*, You Get:

  • Unlimited User AccountsLaunchpad logo in computer
  • Unlimited Basic Profile Reports
  • Unlimited CRM Email Deployment and Storage for up to 100,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Audience Data for Display Advertising (media buy/network fees additional)
  • Unlimited Prospect Email Matchback Reports
  • Unlimited Live Help Desk Support (Live Chat, Phone and Email)

*Pre-pay annually and save 10%

Email Marketing - Engage your current customers, drive sales, promote events or get people talking about your business through targeted email campaigns. Upload your customer data or find new customers with access to an exclusive data warehouse of up to 5 billion consumer, business, and automotive records.


Lead Building - Find and engage with new potential customers in your business backyard. Run counts to find new leads based on location, behavior, demographics, lifestyle, and more. 

Display Ads - Advertise your business on the Internet's top websites on a local and national level. Define your audience with demographic and geographic criteria and your ads will be targeted to reach the right customers.


Basic Profile Report - Identify the most descriptive traits and attributes of your current customers. Simply upload a sample customer list and an instant basic profile report will tell who there are (demographics), where they live (geographics), and what type of interests they have.  


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