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We know this has been a year of challenges like no other, especially for small business owners. That’s why we wanted to gather stories and advice from real business owners just like you. Together, we created a robust catalog that covers topics like adapting and pivoting business strategy, building relationships with your community, strengthening teams and more.

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Lady & Larder- Small business relies on small business. In our new series, Sarah and Boo of Lady & Larder share their advice for building community connections, pivoting during a pandemic and an inside look at a family-run business.

Pivoting Business Operations

Throughout the pandemic, Lady & Larder have listened to their customers. With every setback, they showed up the next day and figured out how to make little changes to serve customers better.

Working with Family

While working with family has its challenges, it’s also one of the most rewarding things. The sisters of Lady & Larder share helpful tips for operating a thriving family business.

Function Junction- Small business success takes a few ingredients and a lot of persistence. Rebecca and Mary, owners of Function Junction, share some of those ingredients in our advice series. See what the ladies have cooked up!

Building a Strong Team

When building a team you have to consider the skills that different people bring. Find out Function Junction’s recipe for a well-balanced team.

Working with a Spouse

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Hear how Rebecca and Mary navigate the ins and outs of small business ownership as partners and spouses.

BLK&Bold- Meet the founders of BLK & Bold, Rod and Pernell. These small business owners offer an insightful blend of advice on life as an entrepreneur, how to create an authentic message and the importance of prioritizing purpose.

Life as a Small Business Owner

What’s it like to be an entrepreneur? BLK & Bold founder, Rod, offers a glimpse into the challenges, smiles, cries and everything in between in this next video.

Authenticity and Purpose in Business

Making purpose popular is BLK & Bold’s mission and at the core of all they do. Learn more about the benefits of prioritizing purpose in your business and consider how your small business supports the community.

Limited to One- Nichole and Kristian of Limited to One Record Shop built their small business on a love for finding the perfect vinyl. Hear their advice for success.

Finding Balance as an SBO

Work life balance, especially when you own the business, can be tough. The owners of Limited to One Record Shop offer their advice to find harmony between work and personal life in this next video.

Using Social Media to Boost Sales

Needing to pivot their business model in a pinch, small business owners, Kristian and Nichole, turned to social media. Learn how they were able to keep sales up while also building a stronger relationship with their customers.

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3 Tips for Taking Your Small Business Online

Woman using her laptop to fill a shipping order

Mary and Rebecca of Function Junction were told they needed a website to sell their kitchenware, but it wasn’t as simple as just building one. Neither came from a technology-heavy background and faced several barriers to entry. However, after some conversation with friends and research, they were successful in getting their website started. As part of our small business advice series, Mary and Rebecca share tips for taking your business online.


5 Tips for Balancing a 9-to-5 and Growing a Small Business

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Lolly Lolly Ceramics is rapidly growing in popularity, but it isn’t Lalese Stamps’s only entrepreneurial outlet. In fact, from nine to five on the weekdays, she is a graphic designer. Which, Lalese said, often leaves little time in her studio. As part of our small business advice series, Lalese shared her five tips for balancing a full-time job and a small business.