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  • 11 February 2014
  • Eric Michaels

Variety: The Key to Job Satisfaction

Among the many reasons why people start their own businesses, the search for more personal fulfillment usually tops the list. Grinding away at an unsatisfying job — no matter how well-paying — won't keep an innovative thinker's attention for the long haul. Once you take matters into your own hands and start a business, the task of keeping work interesting and rewarding becomes your responsibility. Here is why variety is the key to job satisfaction and how you can make sure it is always part of a day at work.

Monotony stifles both mood and performance

Thinking your way out of a tough problem requires a clear head and strong concentration. Many people cannot get to that place when they are sitting at the same desk day after day. A Gensler study on the US workplace found that people who work in a variety of different spaces were more likely to be innovative in the workplace.

Having several options when tackling a problem is one of the ways to bring this spirit out of yourself and employees. It can mean sitting on a couch and listening to music rather than sitting around a conference table, or it may mean walking through the neighborhood when you are searching for a bit of inspiration. Monotonous surroundings usually contribute to less innovative thinking.

Encourage different methods to achieve goals

Any career coach will tell you it is essential to set goals and hold yourself accountable when you do not achieve them. However, finding your way to the solution does not require the same approach every time. Consider different ways to work during the day so you do not feel as if you're pushing the same old boulder up the same old mountain.

Finding the right way to instill variety in your workspace is tricky. Different settings may not help, so consider periods when the Internet is off limits or exercises in which you consider yourself your best customer. Stopping your team's work process to think about the way a customer sees your company will deliver an enlightening look into the operation.

Variety has proven to be the key to job satisfaction

A recent University of Leicester study confirmed what many entrepreneurs realize early in a career: independence and variety are the top drivers of job satisfaction. Without these two ingredients, workers feel stifled, under-appreciated, or just plain bored.

As you continue to grow your company, use these lessons to think about your interaction with your employees. Step back and allow them to discover how to solve problems on their own. Employees can change the way you think about the business, and they may also show you ways to make it a more successful enterprise.

Engage employees to inspire them in the workplace

The other finding of the University of Leicester study suggests that interactive workplaces had the most satisfied employees. Asking your team for input will encourage them to bring their best to your enterprise. Instead of assigning tasks that are not using their talents, recognize the different passions of your staff when you listen to their ideas.

Another way to engage your employees is to communicate about the development of your business so jitters about the company's longevity do not hamper the overall flow of work. Share your doubts and concerns throughout the growth stages of your business, and your employees will feel as if they are an essential part of that development.

Variety ought to have a place in every aspect of your business, it is the key to job satisfaction. Better productivity, happier employees, and more innovation all contribute to exciting things for a company — make variety a guiding principle moving forward.

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