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Hiring the right people: Art, or exact science?

Entrepreneurs usually have very different theories about management and product development, but they always agree on one thing: No business can succeed without great employees. And whether you consider the hiring process to be more

3D Print Technology Helps Startups Invent the Wheel

Meet Jack Slocum, mechanical engineer and 3D print customer at HoneyComb Corporation. HoneyComb is an Oregon-based startup that is advancing the agricultural industry by developing breakthrough technology focused on drone-based aerial imaging solutions for precision

Inventing demand: Is it possible?

There is a story about a group of computer programming whizzes who designed sophisticated software that could combat any cyberthreat to a network. To ensure they profited from their endeavor, they packaged their work as

Maximizing productivity: An entrepreneur's guide to getting stuff done

In the course of starting and operating a small business, your time is going to be pressed from every possible angle. While there are always excuses for why something did not get done, you should

When is the Right Time to Leave Your Day Job?

According to a recent UPS Store survey, starting a small business can be scary. But the moment that an entrepreneur quits their day job and starts full time at their own business is probably the most