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6 Ways to Keep Your Business Relevant
  • 15 November 2016
  • Elvis Michael

6 Ways to Keep Your Business Relevant

Businesses must continuously evolve to keep up with industry changes and stay relevant. Regardless of your business model and status, unpredictable changes in customer preferences and the economy can cause your organization to remain stagnant. Thus, staying in touch with your target market and their needs is vital for continued success. Here are six ways to make sure that your business stays relevant, allowing you to achieve long-term growth and profitability.

1. Adapt to new trends

As market trends emerge and technology advances, there is always something new to implement. Adapt new business tactics by learning from customer habits and purchase decisions. If you notice an increase in refunds over time, for example, identify the root of the problem through asking a series of relevant questions and inspecting detailed statistics. By leveraging an e-mail marketing service, you can create effective e-mail campaigns that will help you gain valuable insight.

2. Engage employees

A great advantage that small businesses have over large organizations is a feeling of community. Establish an engaging company culture by getting employees involved in every business decision. For example, ask everyone to submit new tips and suggestions on a quarterly basis as a means of improving your products, services, and overall reach. Put everyone's answers up for a vote and offer a reward to the most promising lead. This tactic is especially valuable for businesses that are primarily composed of millennials, as many workers from this group can be quite savvy about new, disruptive ideas.

3. Be flexible

You can never go wrong with catering to your customers' preferences. By adding a personal touch to your products, you can give people a greater feeling of ownership and show how much you care about customer satisfaction. This step could be as simple as personalizing a piece of jewelry with a person's name or preparing a meal to his or her liking. These personal touches can effectively leave a positive impression, which often results in repeat business and profitability.

4. Acknowledge your customers

Recognition goes beyond personalizing your products and services. Customers enjoy status and empowerment, which you can provide through a series of rewards or even with an intangible scheme. A digital business may implement a points system awarded to those who make certain purchases or perform other actions; these points can then be exchanged for various discounts. Likewise, a more traditional approach could involve offering special deals to those who have been with you for a set time period. These strategies that depict your competitive nature and attention to detail can help you remain relevant.

5. Learn from the competition

Needless to say, you should always strive to maintain an advantage over your competitors. Even if your offerings are virtually identical, you should pay close attention to the small details and make any changes that you deem necessary. These changes may include reorganizing your store's merchandise improving your customer service or adapting a new promotional strategy. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition, which ultimately promotes growth and forward thinking among you and other businesses in your industry.

6. Simplify your approach

Make it easy for others to connect with you and get what they need by eliminating hassles in favor of quick and accessible alternatives. For example, consider offering instant savings over mail-in rebates or revamping your customer service line to make it easier to reach a live representative. You could also reorganize your website, establish a live chat system for faster customer support, or implement other improvements.

Staying relevant is all about analyzing new trends and adjusting to market changes. By taking the above actions, you can increase your chances of remaining profitable in the long run.

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