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  • 20 December 2021
  • Albert Rockwood

Holiday Downtime: Ways to Nurture Your Creativity

The holidays are fast approaching, and for small business owners, that means taking some much-needed holiday downtime. Downtime can be hard to come by, especially for a small business owner, but it's worth taking the time for yourself. This is a chance to really reconnect with yourself and feel more motivated than ever to get back to the small business you love.

We’ve compiled this list to help those small business owners utilize holiday downtime and make the most of it for yourself and your business.

family relaxing around fireplace

Recharge yourself

It wouldn’t be holiday downtime if you didn’t actually have any downtime. Being a small business owner, you know how chaotic your life can be managing and supporting your small business. So take this time to recharge yourself and indulge in some self-care. Spend time with family, or read that book you’ve been trying to crack. Whatever it is, take the time to slow down and recharge. Your small business is your life, so be sure to recharge so you can take pride in all your hard work.

Plan and organize for what’s ahead

Holiday downtime offers the perfect opportunity to get organized, especially after the chaos of holiday shopping and purchasing. So take this time to organize yourself and your business to ensure that you’re prepared to take 2022 head-on and that your business runs smoother than ever.

  • Get your inventory up to date.
  • Make sure your books are organized.
  • Make sure everything is on track.
  • Start getting your taxes organized as a way to get ahead. But remember, downtime should be relaxing, so try not to get too caught up in the numbers.

Discover (or rediscover) a favorite hobby

A lot of us small business owners spend every waking second tending to our business. So take advantage of this holiday downtime to spend on that hobby you’ve been putting off. Or maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time to explore it. Now's the time to finally do what makes you happy and calm. Here are some examples, but remember, whatever brings you joy is the most important.

  • Did you start to get into knitting only to have your business take up all of your free time?
  • Maybe you had some adult coloring books you’ve been wanting to get into or a set of paints that are feeling neglected.
  • Try to cook a new recipe.
  • Take a drive somewhere you’ve never been to.
  • Maybe there’s a fun project you’ve been putting off.

Nothing revitalizes your love of what you do like taking a break from the same old routine. Sometimes reinvigorating your love for your small business starts with thinking about something else for a moment. Who knows, you might discover a new hobby along the way! Then afterward you’ll be ready to get back to the business you love.


While it may seem obvious, a lack of rest can take a real toll on your body as well as your business. Small business owners are often guilty of forgoing rest in favor of all of the responsibilities that come with running their own company. If your business allows, use this holiday downtime as a way to recharge, recuperate and reinvigorate yourself. Medical News Today recommends seven or more hours of sleep, which can result in better productivity and concentration. You’ll be amazed by how a little rest can help motivate you.

Spend quality time with your loved ones

Running a small business takes more energy than most people realize, and unfortunately, that can leave us a bit isolated. It’s important to spend this holiday downtime with the ones we’re closest to. Reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while. Make plans with someone you had to miss because your business came first. No matter who they are, make sure to spend time with them. Human connection is invaluable.

Discover the power of meditation

Ever wonder why you come up with your best ideas in the shower? It’s because you’re letting your mind freely wander and think about things other than work. Meditation can help take things even further, and what better time to try it than during your holiday downtime! Meditation is great for relaxing and invigorating yourself as well as organizing your thoughts. Healthline recommends just a few minutes of meditation a day to help improve sleep and lengthen your attention span.

Check in with yourself

Use this downtime to finally check in with yourself. Running a small business can take up every aspect of your life, so be sure to use this holiday downtime to slow down and see how you’re doing. Are you eating well? Have you assessed your business appropriately? If you have employees, how are they doing? Are you getting some exercise or taking steps toward self-care? It’s important not to burn out. Be sure you’re happy with where you are so you can take on the new year revitalized and motivated.

Downtime as a small business owner can be tough to come by, so be sure to take advantage of it when you can. Whether it’s finding new ways to nurture your creativity or using this holiday downtime to catch up on rest, so many positive benefits for both you and your small business can come from taking some time for yourself.


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