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The UPS Store Small Business blog
  • 28 February 2022
  • Leo Covey

5 Small Business Services from The UPS Store® You Should Start Using Right Now

Are you taking advantage of everything The UPS Store has to offer your small business? You probably know we pack and ship everything from outgoing products to important supplies and equipment. But the full story inside every The UPS Store location is way more interesting — and valuable. We also stock our centers with important small business services designed to help you focus on growing your enterprise. Every day, in many different ways, we support tens of thousands of entrepreneurs with convenient and innovative solutions for those nagging “back-of-office” details that can strain or distract them from the big picture. With that in mind, here are five essential small business services you should start using right now.

man notarizing documents for woman at The UPS Store

Small Business Service #1: Mailboxes

Who is it for? This small business service is perfect for small business owners who are on the go most of the day and need a safe, secure place to store their mail and packages until they are ready to collect them. A mailbox from The UPS Store is also a great solution for people who work out of their homes but want to do their best to separate their personal lives from their small business.

What makes this small business service so important? More than a P.O. Box, a mailbox from The UPS Store comes with extra benefits like text alerts when packages arrive and, most importantly, a real street address to add credibility and perceived value to your small business. Plus, many locations offer 24-hour access to your mailbox.

Small Business Service #2: Shredding

Who is it for? If you have a small business that deals with sensitive data or proprietary information, this small business service is essential. From healthcare providers to accountants, any small business that accumulates piles of paper should think about a trip to The UPS Store for some shredding.

What makes this small business service so important? The UPS Store has partnered with one of the leading names in document destruction, Iron Mountain®. Our shredding small business service is AAA-certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, protecting you and your customers from identity theft and sensitive data leaks.

Small Business Service #3: Printing

Who is it for? Any small business that wants to grow should consider this small business service. The need for printing is essential, and essentially everywhere, and The UPS Store can help you across a full spectrum of opportunities. Banners. Posters. Catalogs. Flyers. Lawn signs. Business reports. We would need to print an entire menu of print services (and, come to think of it, we do print menus as well) to give you a full glimpse into our expansive capabilities here.

What makes this small business service so important? As small businesses evolve, it is important that their printed materials keep up with the speed of change. To put it another way, a menu that is out of date or a sign that feels tattered or worn can create a perception with your customers that is not based on the current reality you want to convey. The print experts at The UPS Store can help you create the right print solution for your business with polished, professional results.

Small Business Service #4: Direct Mail Services

Who is it for? Small businesses that want to reach a specific neighborhood, ZIP code or even a predetermined list of customers can benefit from our direct mail services. Direct mail is an often overlooked small business service, but with high response rates and a relative lack of competitive messaging, it should be an integral part of local small businesses’ growth plans.

What makes this small business service so important? The power to put a tactile, handheld representation of your brand in someone’s mailbox should never be discounted. The UPS Store can help you identify the right strategy to make it happen, from Every Door Direct Mail® to targeted direct mail. Once your plan is solidified, The UPS Store can manage every aspect from graphic design to printing your direct mailer. 

Small Business Service #5: Notary

Who is it for? Realtors. Lawyers. Any small business owner who works with a lot of contracts or deeds that need to be notarized by a public official in order to be legally binding.

What makes this small business service so important? You can visit over 5,000 The UPS Store locations and find a notary at a convenient time and location that works for you. This small business service is all about combining a high-value professional service with the convenience you need to run your small business.

There is so much more that The UPS Store can offer you and your small business. Take a look at these additional valuable small business services to find everything from accounting and management to HR and communication resources. In many cases, The UPS Store has worked out valuable savings with partners to help with your bottom line.

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