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  • 09 May 2022
  • Tiffany Carey

Morning Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

A morning routine is a stack of habits that an individual follows daily. According to an online study, 88% of people always or often have a morning routine. Highly productive people, about 92%, are more likely to have one. What is it about a morning routine that makes it so important to a person’s success as an entrepreneur?

business owner takes his morning run

For starters, the habits in your morning routine can lead to improved health and wellness, lower stress levels, better sleep, and more energy. It can prepare you for the day ahead and give you time and space to think and plan. Additionally, when you follow a ritual in the morning, you’re setting a tone for the day that gives you control of your schedule. You’re more likely to run on time and stick to your plan for the day. 

Habits To Try In Your Morning Routine

Become An Early Bird

In general, the early bird does indeed catch the worm, but waking up early is a game-changer for people with solid morning routines. It gives you the chance to have some quiet time to yourself and, as a business owner, time alone is a hot commodity. If you live in a house full of people, try waking up at least 30-60 minutes before anyone else. If you live alone, set the alarm to give yourself an extra hour than you usually would. During those hours, you can choose to read, practice gratitude and mindfulness, or exercise. What’s important is that you use this time to take care of yourself. Determine how this extra hour can serve you better later in the day. 

Create Your Own Energy

Brendon Burchard, a three-time New York Times bestselling author and one of the world’s most quoted, watched, and followed personal development trainers, encourages entrepreneurs to create their own energy. Whether going for a run, practicing yoga, writing, or reading, let the first activity you engage in be something that builds momentum within you and gets you excited for the day ahead. Generating your own energy should leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment and purpose while laying down a foundation for a good day.

Write It Down

There’s an undeniable power behind putting pen to paper. The dream you had last night–write it down. The idea that came to you while you were making your coffee–write it down. The intention you’d like to set for the day–write it down. According to a study by a California university, you are 62% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. Writing brings your thoughts to reality and signals your brain that they are real and important. You subconsciously begin to think of ways to accomplish those goals throughout the day. Writing can get you excited, focused, and ready for action. 

The Key to a Successful Morning Routine

One could argue that having a morning routine is nothing more than having a set of habits you perform without fail every day. And while that is true, the habits are what will make the morning routine more effective. Be mindful of the habits you choose to incorporate, and then be consistent with them. The success of a morning routine won’t be found by someone who performs it once or twice a week but by those who follow it every day to the best of their abilities.

Consistency is key to a successful morning routine. Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, and others treat their morning routines with great respect. And who could argue with their success?

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