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  • 06 May 2022
  • Public Relations

Proudly Unstoppable Artist: Mojo Wang

He is a talented illustrator and comic artist whose work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and in American Illustration, but the Chinese-born artist Mojo still sees himself as just another human being trying to build a creative career in New York City.

Proudly Unstoppable express shipping envelope on a sky blue background

Five years before partnering with UPS to design artwork for limited-edition boxes and envelopes for the Proudly Unstoppable initiative, a commitment to championing underrepresented small business communities, Mojo took a leap of faith. He applied for the Master of Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. To his surprise, he was accepted, so he tapped into his savings and bought a one-way ticket from his home in Shanghai to New York to become an art student.

Creativity Born of Experience

At the center of his illustration is a transplanted tree entitled, “Together We Grow Stronger,” to signify the many roots of the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community that has also moved to America to grow a new life much like Mojo.

“Together We Grow Stronger” shows vibrant colors and a layered design to promote unstoppable energy and tell passionate stories. And for Mojo, those stories aren’t hard to find.

“One way or another, every single one of us who has ever lived has a story worth being told.” As a first-generation immigrant, Mojo is continually inspired by the new stories that are created by newcomers to the United States. With each one, that transplanted tree sinks deeper roots.

The Importance of Community

Just like that tree featured in the Proudly Unstoppable artwork, Mojo’s success hasn’t been a solo effort. “To be oceans away from my friends and family was certainly not easy, and I would not be able to build my career here without the help and support from my community.”

He adapted and reflected on the challenges in the past few years. “What the pandemic taught me is that my goals and dreams sometimes can be trivial and fragile.” But Mojo is still empowered by his own mojo. Mojo’s successful small business as a freelance illustrator is inspired by the creative community he surrounds himself.

Lessons Learned

His journey of establishing a home and developing himself in the United States have taught Mojo the importance of never giving up. “Keep reinventing your skills,” he says. “It takes years to grow a forest.”

In the next five years, Mojo looks forward to being ambitious in a way that’s more personal than even his art. “Maybe, my goal will be to try to be happy and fulfilled,” he says. “Not too much; a healthy amount of happiness will do.”

Watch Mojo’s artwork, “Together We Grow Stronger,” come to life through your phone. Point your smartphone camera at our The UPS Store envelope and immerse yourself into the art through the augmented reality (AR) lens. For more small business advice, keep checking back and follow us on social media. Catch up on our posts about Be Unstoppable, featuring inspiration and insights from small business owners around the country and beyond. You can also read more about the Proudly Unstoppable program that celebrates diversity in business ownership through stories, artwork and community.

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