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  • 29 August 2022
  • Tiff Carey

The Power of Gratitude in Business and in Life

Gratitude is a virtue that has become incredibly notable over the last 24 months. It seems logical that the heightened obsession with being thankful for what we have was born during a time of uncertainty such as the pandemic. From Netflix to newspapers and apps to games, you could say gratitude is having a moment.

group applauds coworker

Why Gratitude is Important

Gratitude is the act of expressing thanks and appreciation and is associated with several mental and physical health benefits. We have all experienced that genuine feeling of warmth when we are thankful and show our gratitude to another person. Research supports that people who regularly practice gratitude enjoy more energy, less anxiety, more restful sleep, greater productivity, fewer physical ailments, and improved well-being.

When you regularly practice gratitude, you will experience a shift in mindset. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions that will affect all aspects of your life. Many believe the key to long-term success and happiness is achieved by implementing it into three main areas of your life.

Gratitude in Business

Each segment of your business pours into the next. Your systems streamline your production, your production enhances your employees, and your employees affect your customers. By practicing gratitude in your business, you will reap comprehensive benefits.

For example, demonstrating employee appreciation is imperative to any successful company. Workers who are regularly given accolades and encouragement are more likely to stay, be star producers, and contribute to strong company culture.

When your team is happy, customers will be satisfied. They are highly aware of expressions of gratitude when made by you or a team member. Ways to express gratitude include greeting your clients, writing a letter, or simply smiling. Regardless of how you show appreciation in business, you can expect it to be felt at every level.

Gratitude in Leadership

Whether you’re leading a team of employees or a house of five, bringing a sense of gratitude to your leadership style makes you a better leader because it makes those you lead successful. Leading with positive reinforcement and recognition creates a trickle-down effect, where every member of your team or family will feel that positive energy.

In a business environment, you can lead with gratitude by showing appreciation to internal and external contributors within your organization. It increases productivity in the workplace. Authentically express thanks in real-time with a proverbial pat on the back when possible, or opt for a handwritten note.

You are most likely guiding members of your home in one way or another without realizing it. A few might include being polite and considerate, helping out, sharing words of encouragement, and giving hugs. Influencing children at home with gratitude helps them learn the practice early.

Gratitude in Life

According to Harvard Health Publishing, gratitude in life is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Their research suggests it can be applied to the past, present, and future. Past gratitude involves recalling positive memories and emotions and being thankful for those times. Present gratitude is being aware of and fully present in the moment, not taking things for granted. And future gratitude is living a life with positivity and hope. When you are grateful in the past, present, and future, you are living a life of gratitude.

Simple ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily life are keeping a gratitude journal, practicing mindfulness, volunteering, staying focused on what you have (not on what you don’t), and living with kind and loving intentions.

Study after study has shown that gratitude can improve every aspect of your life. When you start learning, practicing, and acknowledging gratefulness, you will experience true happiness.

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