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Proudly Unstoppable artwork by designer Eugenia Mello
  • 16 September 2022
  • Public Relations

Proudly Unstoppable Latinx Artist: Eugenia Mello

Born in Peru and raised in five different Latin American countries, Eugenia Mello is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and graphic artist who designed artwork for the newest UPS limited-edition boxes and The UPS Store envelopes, as part of the UPS Proudly Unstoppable campaign that aims to champion underrepresented small business communities. Eugenia’s use of bright, vivid colors and rhythmic movement brings her art to life with energy and excitement. Eugenia’s work has been recognized by the Art Directors Club of New York and the Society of Illustrators. She has been an inspiration to us as we support and celebrate Latinx-owned businesses.

Joy Against All Odds

Eugenia has always been fascinated by dance and music, and watching people move and flow. “I’m interested,” she explains, “in the moving force that irradiates in our people from the inside.” It’s “a mix of optimism and courage, a mix of resilience and joy. A driving force that unites us.”

Eugenia calls this force “Joy Against All Odds,” a sense of connection between the many peoples and heritages that keeps the various Latin American communities moving forward, despite all obstacles. This optimistic energy is what drives her work.

Helping Others Feel Seen

She doesn’t want anyone to be overlooked and thinks “about art as a way to make other humans feel seen, less alone, more understood.” By creating something that encourages better possibilities for others, she fills her creative space with a deep sense of purpose.

That sense of purpose drives her to constantly expand her horizons. Eugenia works with artists from other communities, so that she can incorporate their stories into her universe, and “see the world through other lenses.”

Freelance Challenges and Opportunities

Eugenia sees her work as an independent illustrator as another chance to make connections. “Freelance work can become isolating. I’ve tried to balance this by approaching projects as conversations, collaborations with others.” At the same time, she holds on to her unique vision. You “need to know your values, what you are willing to sacrifice and where you draw the line.”

Greens and Oranges and Reds and Yellows

Eugenia’s Latinx heritage influences everything she does. “Deep within me lives the colors of my childhood in Costa Rica” and everywhere else she has lived, she explains. “My art is a way in which the mixture of places I’ve lived come together. It’s in the way I use color, and the textures…the tenacity of the people I grew up around, their attitude, their fortitude, and their vulnerability.” It’s “woven into each stroke.”

By creating art that’s true to her heritage, Eugenia hopes once again to make connections. Her advice to other artists is to make “something that feels true to you, and have it echo in another’s heart.” If an artist can do that, they truly are Unstoppable.

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