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  • 09 June 2023
  • Public Relations

Your Guide to Successful Father's Day Marketing

Mother's Day has come and gone; now it is time to honor Dad. Father's Day is a celebration that honors the hard work, sacrifices and contributions our fathers have.

father's day marketing

As a small business owner, you have a great opportunity to help your customers honor their fathers while boosting sales. In fact, many small businesses have found success, such as clothing stores, restaurants, greeting card suppliers, online stores and many more, have found success by connecting with customers to help create a memorable holiday celebrating their fathers.

Father's Day campaigns can help ensure your business's holiday is a big hit.

Consider these ideas to better understand what goes into a successful Father's Day marketing strategy to drive sales for in-store and online businesses.

Father’s Day Marketing Strategies

Whether you run an online store or a brick-and-mortar business, this is an opportunity to execute the right strategy for your Father's Day marketing campaign and gain the attention of your audience.

However, in order to accomplish this you need to incorporate the right strategy for your Father's Day campaign. Below we've highlighted a few Father's Day campaign ideas to consider for your business.

Understand target audience

Knowing your target audience is extremely important for any marketing campaign. The better you understand who they are, the better you can figure out how to appeal to them and their needs. Moreover, it is important to understand who they are buying for.

Below are some statistics to help give you an idea of who your customers are:

  • On average, men spend around $200 on Father's Day presents for their fathers, whereas women tend to spend approximately $145.
  • As of last year's Father's Day, 45% of consumers say they want to purchase Father's Day gifts that are unconventional, yet exceptional. However, 35% of respondents say they are interested in creating a special memory for their dad.
  • Customers are also willing to forgo family dynamics and buy a gift for any father figure in their lives, whether it be stepfathers, fathers in law or grandparents. In fact, 55% of male shoppers will purchase gifts for their fathers and stepfather. While 45% of wives say they will purchase gifts for their husbands as well as their father-like figures.

As a small business, it is also good to consider what your customers might want to buy for their dads.

According to the National Retail Federation, the top gifts of last year's Father's Day were greeting cards, clothes and special outings. So, if you carry or specialize in any of these categories, it might be a good idea to promote them in your campaign or business's landing page to drive more sales.

Create unique Father’s Day offers and promotions

To help your brand stand out amongst the sea of Father's Day marketing campaigns, you should consider including holiday offers and promotions. This will not only gain the attention of existing shoppers, but it will also entice new customers to visit your business or online store.

One great example of a promotion you can include in your campaign is to create a discount code people can use on Father's Day. This type of promotion is a great way to bring in new customers to your business, while also building brand loyalty with your existing ones.

Additionally, this can give you a competitive edge over competing businesses selling similar products on Father's Day.

Utilize social media

Including your business's social media platforms in your Father's Day campaign is an absolute must. This is a great opportunity for your brand to connect with your audience on social media by showing your love for all of the father figures in our lives.

It may be worth sharing an Instagram story recognizing the importance of fathers in our lives. It may also be good to update your website with a Father's Day landing page so users can easily navigate to any holiday deals or special products from your social platforms.

Host Father’s Day events and contests

Another thing you can include in your Father's Day marketing campaign is hosting a holiday-themed event and contest. This is not only a great way to build customer engagement but also connect with your local community for.

You can also include a contest in your Father's Day marketing campaign to engage your audience further. Contests and giveaways are an excellent way to generate buzz around your brand, especially when you incorporate different social media platforms into the mix.

We recently wrote a blog post giving small business owners 12 giveaway ideas to help them stand out and grow their businesses.

This may be a great resource to help you think of some ideas for your event and content. Some of the ideas you might consider include:

  • Partnering with a similar, non-competing brand.
  • Launching a hashtag contest.
  • Offer a trip giveaway to one lucky recipient.
  • Incorporate a Father's Day tagged photo contest on social media.
  • Introduce a new product that would be a perfect gift for Father's Day.
  • Father's Day email giveaways.
  • Offering expedited shipping for those last-minute shoppers.

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Finding the perfect Father's Day present can be a challenge for some customers, but that is where you come in.

This is your chance to really show what your brand is all about and highlight its customer service and product line by helping people with their Father's Day shopping.

It can also potentially be a great time for you to get creative in what you offer. Here is a Father's Day gift guide to help you come up with products and services so your customers find the right gift for their dads.

Father’s Day boxes or gift sets

One thing you can do to create the perfect gift for your customers' dads is build a Father's Day gift set. This can be a great opportunity for your brand if it has a few different items that would make the perfect gift.

To make it extra special, you might consider only selling them on Father's Day, as the exclusivity may also make it more popular amongst your customers.

Personalized Father's Day gifts

Another Father's Day gift idea you might consider is giving your shoppers the option to personalize their gifts for an additional fee.

This involves anything from adding the dad's name, a special message or anything your customers want it to say.

By personalizing their gifts, it adds an extra level of love and thought to them; which will result in happier customers and dads on Father's Day.

Creating Father’s Day content 

Now that you were able to get some ideas from other Father's Day gift guides, it is time to share and market it! Here are some Father's Day content ideas to help you flesh out your campaign.

Social media posts for Father's Day

As mentioned, utilizing social media in your Father's Day marketing campaigns can be a great resource to educate and engage with your customers.

Even if you are not offering a product or special promotion for the occasion, it is good to get involved in Father's Day in some way or another online.

Here are some quick Father's Day posts you can do for your business's social media.

  • Pay tribute to all dads.
  • Share an inspirational Father's Day quote.
  • Tell some dad jokes.
  • Highlight products and services that would make perfect gifts.
  • Share DIY projects your followers can do with their dads.


Another component you can include in your Father's Day marketing campaign is incorporating email marketing. Like social media, this can be a great avenue for your business to share products and promotions you are running for the special occasion.

Father's Day email campaigns can also educate your customers on anything from store hours, new product arrivals and any contest or free gift giveaways you are doing for Father's Day. You might even consider creating a Father's Day guide to help your customers find the right gift for dad.

Targeted ads

Remember when we talked about getting to know your audience? This will come in extremely handy when you are setting up targeted ads. This is because targeted advertising allows you to send different messaging to different consumers based on what you know about your customers.

By knowing your targeted consumer, you will likely be more successful in reaching them with your Father's Day offerings, resulting in more people shopping with you.

Father's Day gift guides

A lot of people just don't know what to get their dad for Father's Day. As mentioned, this can be a great opportunity for your brand to impress your customers with top-notch service. One way you can do this is by creating a gift guide to inspire their purchasing decisions and make Father's Day shopping a breeze.

These types of guides not only drive sales but also get customers to trust you more and give them insight into what your business offers. Moreover, this can set a precedent where people look forward to seeing a gift guide for different holidays in the year.

Father's Day is undoubtedly one of the most important holidays of the year, along with Mother's Day, as it is a time to cherish the people we love the most.

All the more reason as a business owner to consider doing something for the holiday, whether it be a single post online, a Father's Day email or a fully-developed marketing strategy.

Beyond other brands getting involved, it shows a human element of your brand to your customers and connects on an emotional level. That is why it is important for you to come up with the best campaign ideas that will fit your business's goals and help every have a happy Father's Day.

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