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How to Build an Inclusive Small Business
  • 26 July 2021
  • Liam Edwardson

How to Build an Inclusive Small Business

Of the many lessons we all learned over the past year and a half, one is as crucial as it is clear: We have work to do in terms of prioritizing and strengthening diversity and inclusivity. As a small business owner, you have more influence and opportunity than you may realize to build bridges and strengthen your community by becoming an ally for historically marginalized groups.

5 Smart Strategies for Recruiting and Hiring
  • 01 March 2021
  • Leo Covey

5 Smart Strategies for Recruiting and Hiring

The latest job report paints a picture of an employment market that is still not performing at its best. The good news is that you, as the potential employer, have a wealth of excellent candidates to consider for your future hires. Finding exemplary additions for your team is no small task though. So, what’s the key to recruiting and hiring the great employees? Here are our top 5 strategies:

6 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask During an Interview
  • 22 February 2021
  • Jelani Markus

6 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask During an Interview

Being a small business owner means wearing a vast number of hats. You’re an accountant. You’re a coach. You’re an employee (for yourself). But most of all, you’re a boss. And as a boss, you want to hire the best employees. A way to help ensure you’re hiring the right people is to ask applicants the right interview questions to gain substantial insight about them. The following six questions can help you better understand potential employees before you make the decision to have them join your team.

  • 08 October 2015
  • Eric Michaels

Pros and cons of working with freelancers

As a small business owner, you’ll often see a tipping point coming. There’s more work than you can handle at the moment, but you are unsure if the boom will last. Rather than investing considerable

  • 23 July 2015
  • Eric Michaels

Five Must-Ask Job Interview Questions

Small business owners play every role in a company when they are getting started. You may find yourself equal parts innovator, accountant, and human resources chief in the first few months of operations alone. However