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The UPS Store Small Business blog
  • 18 January 2022
  • Liam Edwardson

Proven Ways to Increase Small Business Sales in 2022, Sales Series Part 1

Small businesses rely on growing their sales to drive revenue and support a healthy cash flow. Even through challenging times like these, your small business can still utilize proven ways to expand your marketing and promote your business.

The following tried-and-true strategies can increase sales with current customers and prospects alike.

woman packing sold products for shipping

Proven customers lead to proven sales

Existing customers already use your products or services. Offering attractive deals and high-quality customer service will make them more likely to purchase from you again.

Get to know your customers

If possible, conduct research on how your customers use your products and services. You may find that they only use one or two features or have difficulty using them. You can then more accurately adjust, upgrade or tailor your products and/or services to your customers’ needs.

Request and rely on customer feedback

Besides formal research, you always want to listen to your customers’ opinions and concerns. Find out where you might be lacking or where they are having problems. Actionable feedback can help you broaden your offerings, increase sales and strengthen your relationship with the customer. You will identify opportunities you had not considered, which can turn into new sales.

Run promotions for existing customers

Reward current customers for their loyalty and business with sales and marketing promotions. Consider special date promotions for customers, such as discounts or gifts on birthdays and anniversaries, sneak peeks and free trials of new products and services, and invitations to company-sponsored events. Current customers will share this “insider information” by referring people they know, which can increase your customer base.

Raise the bar for customer service

Do not just try to sell to your customers; serve your customers. Going above and beyond the transactional process is proven to grow customer loyalty while increasing sales. Some suggestions:

  • Offer free consultations, guides and useful information on products and services.
  • Provide personalized delivery of products or services, including handwritten thank-you notes.
  • Respond to email inquiries as quickly as possible.

Roll out deals, packages and free trials

Get aggressive with marketing your existing products or services to attract customers and drive sales. Prospects and current customers love getting more for their money. Some options to consider:

  • Publicize the arrival of new inventory and product lines with a free trial.
  • Offer bundles of services or products at more cost-effective prices.
  • Combine similar services or products into one package.
  • Limit stock availability for faster turnover.
  • Put a time limit on a package.

Sell via a subscription service 

Adding a subscription service to your business offerings can do wonders for your sales. According to Zuora, turning your customers into subscribers will establish a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved.

Try to develop new offers that deliver even more value to your target customer. For instance, a yoga studio could offer a package of five classes for the price of four, valid for one month.

Audit your content

To see how effective you are at promoting your products and services, you might want to conduct a content audit. Examine all your website and marketing materials. Does this content focus on features or benefits? Features describe what your products and services do, while benefits communicate what your customers will get out of those products or services. If you’re not focusing on benefits, it’s time for a rewrite. Clearly state how your products or services will improve your customers’ businesses or lives.

To get noticed, be unique

We are all bombarded with constant advertising messages, so it is easy for yours to get lost in the melee. Strive to be more interesting, not louder, by doing something different and eye-catching:

  • Offer something no other competitor can.
  • Schedule a press event to launch a new product or service.
  • Create videos that show how to use your products in new and unique ways.
  • Make a provable claim no other company can make.
  • Support a charitable cause unrelated to your business.
  • Advertise your products and services in new and unique ways.
  • Create a humorous or off-the-cuff giveaway.

Boost your social media profiles — and sales

Most likely, your customers and prospects are active on some form of social media. So, your social media profile is critical and should clearly state who you are, what you do, what you stand for and who would use your products or services. When people check out your social media profile, they should get an immediate sense of who you are and why they should try your product or service. Furthermore, your Instagram profile should be different from your LinkedIn profile, which should be different from your Facebook for Business profile. Adjusting your profile to suit each platform is a proven way to build your brand. 

Deepen your reach on social media

Advertising your business, products and services at a relatively cost-effective price on every social media platform is a proven way to reap many of the following benefits:

  • Build brand loyalty, attract followers to your website and create a community.
  • Platforms have a lot of data about their users, so you can target your messaging.
  • Some platforms let you support your paid social media efforts with articles, videos links to your website, blog posts and other content.
  • You can test to see which ads resonate the most with prospects.
  • You can choose exactly how much you want to spend.

Ignite word of mouth

Participating in whatever social media your prospects and customers are on is a proven way to spread positive word of mouth for your small business.

  • Comment on others’ posts and queries, adding your experience and knowledge.
  • Engage in conversations in chat rooms on topics of interest to your audience.
  • Join and contribute to relevant group discussions.
  • Write blog posts and provide links to share your knowledge and expertise.

The power of call to action

Every page on your website should have a call to action (CTA) that directs the visitor to do something, such as contact you for more information, sign up for a free newsletter, download a report or set up a discovery call. Writing and implementing an effective CTA can significantly increase your sales. Make sure your CTA stands out and the instructions are clear. The goal is to convert visitors into prospects and prospects into customers.

Continue the conversation with email marketing

With their permission, you can opt to collect prospects’ email addresses and stay in touch with them through email marketing. You can set up email messages, newsletters and other correspondence. Then you can educate prospects about your products and services, notify them of new products, push special offers and discounts, provide links to case studies and testimonials, and much more.

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